Cold Grave (Pre-Party) 2022

Great news for the underground maniacs out there! An Old Grave 9 Pre-Party that will blow your sun glasses, is going to happen! ...

Psssst, can’t wait for Old Grave 9?!
We are coming with some great news (not for your therapist though)!
You can start bestializing your boots with a pre (Old Grave) party at its finest: COLD GRAVE 2022! So better grab your ticket and prepare for a total blast!
Cold Grave is, of course, organized by our favorite maniacs from Romanian Thrash Metal ClubMetal Bunker Craiova and will happen on 6th October, in Quantic. *Since pandemia left us with PTSD, the answer is: YES, it’s going to happen this year!

About Cold Grave 2022

Since they said it so well, let’s hear everything strike from the horse’s mouth:

Before times, in 2019, we started Cold Grave Party as an appetizer to the main event: Old Grave Fest. This year, it’s scheduled on Thursday the 6th of October and it will be curated by the provincial branch of the Romanian Thrash Metal Club, Metal Bunker – Craiova.

A smaller event lets us focus and celebrate one of the genres we love – death metal, albeit with some serious black and thrash metal additions.

Our first ever gig brought a celebrated team of nuclear physic experts to Bucharest: Blaphemophagher.
A decade later, searching the world for wherever the atomic winds might have brought them, besides satanic speed metal merchants Baphomet’s Blood and literal nuclear research institutes in England, we find that, in sunny Italy, Alberto, also known as Atomic Incinerator of Necronuclear Collapse & Plutonium Winds, laid the foundations of a band in the very same vein, by the name of Uraniavore Goatphago.

The name says it all to those familiar with Bestial War Black Death Metal and from the very first riffs any fan of Beherit, Blasphemy, Revenge, Proclamation, and, of course, Blasphemophagher, will know what they’re in for. Add a touch of Goat Vulva and a pinch of Abhorer and the reactor is already at meltdown!
And if you’re asking who else is in the band – it’s a duo – the answer is none other than Bloodoildrinker & Bestial Warlust of Corium Impurity, aka Sebastiano, from the aforementioned Baphomet’s Blood.

Next to this abomination you can’t just come up with everything, so our options were really set in stone:
Dominating the death metal scene in Romania doesn’t usually say much, but this time, and for some time now, Rotheads are the real deal. Founded in 2014, with two albums, an EP and a split to their name, the band presents a death metal of the sewer kind, think Finland (take your pick) or early Incantation or Grave . We understand people haven’t heard much, live, from the last album, Slither in Slime, hot off the presses, so get ready to be surprised!

Last but not least, you can’t just bring any old corpse in this company, we had to get our shovels and search for the most rotten one. That’s a pun you will only get if you know Romanian, but you won’t need that to discover what Putred are about: disgusting, crunchy death metal, in the vein of old Asphyx and Cianide. Recently signed with the German label FDA Records, Putred threatens us with a first full-length record from which we hope to hear something fresh (and we mean the exact opposite) at our party!

The price of a ticket will be 40 lei until October 5th and 50 lei at the entrance, on the day of the event. These will be available in the network from the beginning of next week.

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