Prophecy Fest 2022: Exclusive performances

Read about the exclusive performances, premieres and special sets, along with a small lineup change....

Only one day is left until we meet again in the cave of Balve for two magical days of dark mysticism, melancholy and heavy riffs.

This german festival strives to bring something new to the table, boasting on uniqueness and originality. And they’ve certainly lived up to that expectation. Their devotion to originality can be seen not only through the completely unique setting, a neolitic cave, but also through this years’ lineup.

The bands that will perform between September 29 and October 1st are the most diverse yet, from shock rock pioneer Arthur Brown to black metal newcommers Imha Tarikat, from the neoclassical ensemple Camerata Mediolanense to the recently formed monastic doom of Arð and so on.

Exclusive performances

But apart from unique musical identities, this year there are going to be a slew of premieres, special shows, anniversary shows, you name it: a thousand different reasons why Prophecy Fest will be a unique moment in time, an event which will be imposible to repeat. Read below the list of unique performances:

The Vision Bleak – the german gothic metalers will be performing their only German show of 2022.

Darkher will premiere their latest album, “The Buried Storm” , to the German audience.

Austere, the Australian black metalers will also be performing exclusively at Prophecy Fest this year.

The list of bands that will play their only 2022 German show at Prophecy Fest is complete with Camerata Mediolanese, A Forest of Stars and the british neofolk band Fire+Ice.

Arð, the monastic doom project founded by Mark Deeks, will not only be playing their first ever German show, but it will mark the bands’ second concert ever.

Winterfylleth have announced that they will perform a special setlist on Friday.

Crone will plane an exclusive acoustic show at the opening ceremony on Thursday, September 29th.

Antimatter will play their fifth album, Fear of a Unique Identity in its entirety.

Dold Vorde Ens Navn will perform for the very first time in Germany on Saturday.

Imha Tarikat have just released an exclusively digital single entitled Son of Ultradevotion. Be sure you will hear it live at Prophecy Fest on Friday!

Emyrium, after announcing at the begining of the year that they are taking a break from live performances, have confirmed their presence at Prophecy this year as well. Not only that, but they will perform their acclaimed Songs of Moors & Misty Fields in its entirety!

The lineup has changed slightly to accomodate the latest addition to the bill: the acoustic dark folk ensemble Thurnin, which will perform on Thursday. Check out the full lineup below:


You can still purchase your tickets online by clicking the button below. If the festival is not sold out, there will also be tickets available at the entrance.

Members of the Grand Supporter tiers of the Prophecy Club will be able to attend the festival free of charge. Please check the following button for availability and conditions (see the subscribe button under each Grand Supporter paragraph):

For detailed information on accommodation, travel, and parking, you can access the official Prophecy Fest page below:

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