Imperial Triumphant, Nero di Marte & Gerrar tomorrow in Quantic

Read about the schedule and tickets for tomorrow’s show in Quantic

Imperial Triumphant (US) are playing for the first time in Bucharest tomorrow, June 9th, in Quantic Club. The supporting bands are Nero di Marte (Italy) and Gerrar (Romania).

This show is part of the Mother of Greed European Tour that Imperial Triumphant have embarked on this summer, together with Nero di Marte.

Prepare for an unconventional black metal show, with brass sections and dark jazz elements. A disstresing yet overwhelming mood is created by Imperial Triumphant’s music, and the pairing with the incredibly diverse and transformative post-metal delivered by Nero di Marte seems just fit. As always, make sure to support the local underground bands and catch the first band, Gerrar, which will start the night off with a solid black metal set that will set the dark and opressive tone for the night.

You can still purchase tickets online through the iabilet website. Tickets will also be available at the venue, at the price of 60 lei.

See the full schedule for the show below:

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