Imperial Triumphant by Alex Krauss

Imperial Triumphant, Nero di Marte and Gerrar live in Quantic on June 9, 2022.

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The American band Imperial Triumphant is coming for the first time in Bucharest this Thursday, on the 9th of June 2022. They will also perform in Cluj the day before, on the 8th, in Flying Circus club. These two Romanian shows are part of their extensive Mother of Greed European Tour.

Imperial Triumphant hail from New York City. Their musical identity is emphatically tied to this gigantic metropolis, embodying in their music the chaos, the extravagant as well as the filth and dirt of “the greatest city on earth”. When describing their concept, the band states that they portray this great juxtaposition between high society luxury coexisting with absolute filth and urban decay. “Our city is like the corpse of a giant […] We don’t support it nor are we against. We only play the sounds of the New York City as we hear them.” From a lyrical point of view, their themes revolve around history, anti-christianity, futurism, philosophy and the above mentioned urban decay.

You will find their sound eclectic to say the least: they combine a rabid black metal with progressive structures, whilst having as the eye of their sonic storm noir jazz elements. This interesting pairing, along with the generally oppressive atmosphere, makes them stand out in the modern black metal landscape.

Imperial Triumphant have just announced their new full-length album Spirit of Ecstasy that will be out on July 22nd via Century Media Records. In preparation for this release, the band have launched a new music video for the single Maximalist Scream. You can watch it below:

Nero di Marte supports Imperial Triumphant throughout their European tour this year. They are an Italian based experimental post-metal band. You will find a heavy music in which prog, death metal, psychedelia and contemporary classical music influences intertwine. Formerly known as Murder Therapy, they changed their name to Nero di Marte in 2012, and ever since they are gathering momentum on the European extreme metal scene. Over time they have toured all over Europe and North America with important acts such as Gorguts, Godflesh, Cynic, Decapitated, Origin, Psycroptic, The Ocean, Intronaut, Ulcerate and Red Fang among others.

Their name comes from the inorganic synthetic mineral pigment black oxide which is also called nero di Marte (black of Mars) or Pigmento Nero 11 ( black pigment 11). It is considered the most opaque black pigment that occurs naturally, being at the same time the least toxic, as well as the most resistant to light and the most enduring.

Their latest studio album is Immoto, which was released in 2020 via Season of Mist. Apart from their impressive run with Imperial Triumphant, the Romanian crowd will have the chance to see Nero di Marte live this summer at Rockstadt Extreme Fest in Rasnov, where they will play on the 3rd of August.

Listen to Sisyphos, taken from the album Immoto, below:

Gerrar is the local band that will kick off the show on Thursday. The Romanian outfit was created in January 2019 and it was initially conceived as a black metal “bedroom project”. Their initial name was Sacrificiu (Sacrifice), but they later on switched to Gerrar, which is the folkloric/ popular name given to the month of January – gerar, which symbolizes the frostiness and freezing temperatures of said month.

The project then took shape during lockdown and turned into a full-fledged band in 2021, when four new members joined the band. The band also released their first self-titled EP in Janurary of 2021.

They are currently working on new material. You can listen to their music on all streaming platforms, as well as follow the band at this link.


For the show in Bucharest, tickets are available online through the iabilet platform at the presale value of 50 lei.

For the show in Cluj you can purchase tickets online here.

Tickets will also be available at the gate, at the price of 60 lei.

For more information, see the facebook events:

  • for the show in Flying Circus, Cluj, here.
  • for the show in Quantic Club, Bucharest, here.

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Imperial Triumphant cover photo credit goes to Alex Krauss.

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