White Walls release new single and video – Darkness, Let The Air Flow!

Raised by wolves, suffocated by loneliness, drowned by the night. This song is about how much our childhood shapes us....

Two years after the release of their latest material, Grandeur, White Walls are now taking a more modern route, releasing individual singles at a time, rather than full albums. After The Gift, which was released at the end of summer, they now come with Darkness, Let The Air Flow! – a new single with a harrowing theme.

When explaining the concept behind this single, Eugen (vocals) states that: “This song is about feral children, about trauma, abandonment, negligence, abuse and fear. The lyrics talk about the life of a feral child and about how hard it is to survive on your own, in the wilderness. In the end, this child ends up drowned on the bottom of a lake. The chorus is a metaphor for the idea that, at birth, some have everything and some have nothing (not even the right to live): Darkness, let the air flow!”.

The cinematic music video is directed by Luca Nicolaescu from StaySharp Film, starring Nicoleta Lefter and Sofia Nicolaescu in the main roles.

When describing the story behind the music video, Luca Nicolaescu says: “The video hints at the Fates, also known as the Moirai. It is an allegory for the threads of fate that are spun in a single direction, and how that direction is irreversible, no matter how much we would wish it wasn’t so.”

On the artistic effort as whole, Dasu (guitars) comments: “We like to give a free hand to all artists that we collaborate with, and we never regret that. Each and every time we are impressed by the ideas and by the visions that different artists have of our music. It’s common knowledge that we do art for art’s sake, and thus, with everyone’s input, a creative snowball is set in motion. The result? A mystic music video about destiny, cyclicity and about the impossibility to truly change anything.” 

The single cover was designed by Alexandru Daș. The song was mixed by George Lever in G1 Productions studio (Sleep Token, Monuments).

Check out the music video for Darkness, let the air flow! below:

You can follow White Walls, check out their music, merch and more, at the following links – You can also buy this song on Bandcamp if you want to help the band out:

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