Machiavellian God – first shows in Timisoara and Cluj

The Romanian progressive melodic death metal outfit Machiavellian God will play their first ever shows in Timisoara and Cluj, on 11-12 November 2022....

The Romanian progressive melodic death metal outfit Machiavellian God are on the road for their first ever shows in Timisoara and Cluj, on 11-12 November 2022.

About the band

Machiavellian God hail from Bucharest and have captured the attention of the Romanian underground scene from the beginning, with both their sound and their live performances.

Founded in 2017, they wore out the stages around Bucharest well before they released their debut album, Divine Flaw, in late 2019. This tour comes in the wake of their cancelled 2020 plans to promote their debut material – a nerve-racking wait for fans and band alike. But don’t fret, as time has only fueled the fire of this very promising band!

If you are one for badges of honor, they got you covered: in 2017, Machiavellian God won the Metalhead Best Newcomers award, while in 2018 they won third place and the special prize at Posada Rock metal newcomers live contest.

About their sound

Apart from awards, Machiavellian God enthralls with their unique sound. They play a blend of melodic death metal that is reminiscent of the Scandinavian style, bringing in mind bands such as Insomnium, In Flames, Omnium Gatherum, but with their own, original twist: their soundscape also features doom passages, blast beats “borrowed” from black metal, song structures and harmonies that go more into the progressive metal area, all encompassed in a captivating atmosphere that contains choirs, strings and….the rest you would have to experience yourself.

Equally important as their creative vision is their relentless dedication to perfecting their live sound and presence, noticeable in their evolution as a live act since 2017: they are in step with latest sound engineering technologies and, gear aside, they have a great time on stage and that feeling is always passed down to the audience.

About their debut material

Their debut album, Divine Flaw, is a concept album that follows a protagonist’s rise and fall into the role of a machiavellianesque demigod, going through all the conceptual advantages and disadvantages of self-centered nihilism.

Despair is wise/ Guiding fools to their demise / But love of self seems kind / Be it mortal or divine, / Is altogether blind 

The band is currently working on new material. Along with the Divine Flaw epic journey, on this run they are also premiering a new song off of the upcoming album, an exclusively live premiere for now.

You can listen to Divine Flaw in its entirety on You tube below:

Concerts info

Tonight, November 11 2022, Machiavellian God play at Manufactura club, in Timisoara.

Tickets are available at the price of 30 lei, online and at the entrance. Just follow the link below:

Or you can keep in touch with the community on Facebook:

Tomorrow, on the 12th of November 2022, they play in Zipp It club in Cluj Napoca. The local Arctic Monkeys cover band Galactic Monkeys are opening the night.

You can find tickets online at the price of 30 lei, as well as at the gates. For online tickets, see:

Check out the Facebook community too!

Be sure to also check out their merch, as they will be bringing it with them at both shows:

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If you want to find out more about the band, there are many ways to do so – you can discover them below:

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