Tiamat – Special Show in Bucharest

One of the most awaited concert in the post-pandemic era was, undoubtly, Tiamat in Quantic Club. Every time a batch of new tickets were put on sale, they were...

One of the most awaited concert in the post-pandemic era was, undoubtly, Tiamat in Quantic Club. Every time a batch of new tickets were put on sale, they were sold-out within minutes. I did a quick math during the gig, more than 15 years passed since the last time I saw them live in Bucharest (hands up if you still remember that sport hall in Agronomie). After a long break, the band performed at Posada Rock 2019 and everybody highly praised them. Now I painfully regret not being there.

Back to Friday evening, the Gods of working overtime were merciful, so I arrived on time in Quantic Club, at 20:00. Most of the public was out in the back enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and a drink, so I found a good spot in front row, because I was curious about Olympus Mons. I think I heard about them, but didn’t listened to their songs, so now I’m going to present you a first  impression. I enjoyed the way they present themselves on stage, all dressed in black, with no unecessary artifices. I also admire the way they communicate with the audience, they know how to engage the public which is unexpected for a young band, it’s good they always say the names of the songs beforehand. I believe the public can feel they enjoy playing music, and indeed, soon after their first songs, Follow the Light, Prevail, Flames in Disguise, I looked back in the club and almost everybody was back inside, captivated. Another plus it’s the vocal, the voice suits Doom Metal. The songs seems  somehow generic though, I can’t pinpoint but I listened to many similar bands before. Their new song, Purgatory, is one that stuck with me. For those readers who don’t know much about Olympus Mons, their album Healer is on bandcamp, here.

Abigail continued the evening and it was their first live appearance after a 3 years break. I believe Abigail is a highly underrated Romanian band and I’d surely want to see them more, and who knows, Razvan hinted in a facebook post we’d might see them again this year, we’ll anounce as soon as we know more. As I was listening to Astral Sleep, It Is the Night I Fear and Sweet Cruelty, I felt engulfed in a thick dark velvet curtain, unable to escape, mesmerised by the complexity of their composition. For the first time, I thought their music is so cinematic and would fit like a glove as a soundtrack for a dark, atmospheric movie. While performing Sonet, a message was displayed on the screen behind: “Depression is a bitch, ask for professional help now. Stay Safe, Doom on!” This is rarely stated in the underground music scene and should be more in the highlight. Remembering Colective, now that 7 years have passed, it’s sadly more and more rare, but Abigail took a moment to sing the chours from ‘The Day We Die’. I’m certain the public sees these gestures that are an extra proof Abigail is about deepth of feelings.

I’m down for a last journey down the memory lane. Like I said in the beginning, I last have seen Tiamat in 2006. A lot changed since then, (hopefully) some personal growth and exposure to a lot of good music shaped my personal taste. Maybe I’ll sound elitist, but if I think of the bands I saw at the beginning of 2000s and then again in the present – they all were a sheer dissapointment. So, last Friday I was kinda mentally set for another dissapointment. Anyway, in 2006 Tiamat sung Whatever That Hurts sometimes  in the mid of the concert, I remember to this day the strong emotion reflected on the people around me, the tears running on the faces of a couple in front of me.

When Tiamat opened the evening in Quantic with Whatever That Furts, I was mindblown. The vibe was different, it was like a pure energy, a liquid adrenaline rush binded us together. I noticed how much Johan Edlund’s voice changed. It’s now more deep and I think it resembles Andrew Eldritch’s. The current setlist includes more songs from the old albums, Wildhoney, Clouds, but also their anthem Vote For Love from the album Judas Christ or the less expected Via Dolorosa. What everybody was loudly asking for was The Sleeping Beauty, but we got that towards the end. The last song was Gaia, performed while Johan Edlund was holding our national flag in his hands (as much as I am very much against nationalism, I couldn’t help feeling moved by this gesture), and sending us his blessing. For a glimpse, we shared the same space, felt the same emotions, we were united by their music that stood the test of time. Indeed, it was a spiritual moment, a blessing to be a part of this special night.

Tiamat’s setlist was:  Whatever That Hurts /The Ar / Visionaire / Do You Dream of Me? / In a Dream / Clouds / A Caress of Stars / Smell of Incense / Cain / Divided / Vote for Love / Via Dolorosa / Cold Seed / Phantasma De Luxe / Wings of Heaven. Encore: The Sleeping Beauty / Gaia.

For a full photo gallery (photographer – Gheorghe Paraschiv), visit our facebook page here.

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