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In preparation for tonight’s show we had a quick chat with Marius Licu from Mauna Sol and got to ask him some of the questions that you might also...

In preparation for tonight’s show we had a quick chat with Marius Licu from Mauna Sol and got to ask him some of the questions that you might also asked yourselves and wanted an answer to.

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Hello, Marius! Thank you for doing this interview with us. Could you tell us more about yourself and how Mauna Sol came to be?

      Hi, thanks for having me.

      I am a guitarist, living in Brasov, playing in the band The Thirteenth Sun since its beginnings. Other than this, I wonโ€™t share much about myself, but I will briefly tell you how I got to play guitar: I remember there was a general store here in Brasov when I was a kid, that had one or two classical guitars in display. I always found myself just hypnotized by them. It was a weird feeling, I canโ€™t explain it. For some reason though, I never asked for one. I donโ€™t know why, my parents were always very supportive… Anyways, when I was about 17 years old, my family had to move for a month or so in a friendโ€™s apartment. That apartment had a room full of old, broken stuff, among which a really beat up classical guitar. I took that guitar, had it fixed, and little by little starting learning how to play it. The first thing I learned was the intro from One by Metallica. Thatโ€™s how it all started for me.

     Now, about Mauna Sol. The band started with me writing a few songs in 2016, with no actual plan for them. George, the bandโ€™s vocalist, is a very old friend of mine, and I showed him what I was doing. Those few songs inspired him to write a short story thatโ€™s now the concept behind the material we have (weโ€™ll talk more about it when the time is right). In 2019 I started thinking things could evolve a bit. George was already part of it, so I asked Bogdan (guitar), Andrei (drums) and Ionut (bass guitar) if they would like to join. I am very glad they accepted, they are all awesome people.


What is the meaning behind the bandโ€™s name?

      Well, it just hapened that I watched Cloud Atlas (great movie by the way) at the time we started thinking that we need a band name. Mauna Sol comes from the movie, itโ€™s something that stuck in my head for a few days. We all liked it, so we kept it.


What does this project mean to you, personally?

        Initially, the project was another channel for me to experiment a different kind of music, different than The Thirteenth Sun, that is.

        Now, being a full band, things are different of course, itโ€™s not just a project, not just me anymore, and that is exciting.


What are some of the influences that drive the bandโ€™s creative process?

     I couldnโ€™t say, or name bands, we all listen to all kind of music, but of course, metal, in all itโ€™s vastness, is driving us.


Youโ€™ve been invited at Rockstadt Fest this year and now you will be taking the stage with Sear Bliss & Church Of Cthulhu on the 1st of July. How would you describe that experience and what does this new opportunity mean to you guys?

    Rockstadt Fest was a great first show for us. Playing with Sear Bliss and Church of Cthulhu in Quantic is a very good follow up, we think.


Is it safe to say that we can expect some new releases in the near future?

    We were very close to get in the studio in February this year, but Covid changed our plans unfortunately. We still hope we can arrange something for 2022, weโ€™ll see.

The ending is yours, if you would like to leave a message.

   I am not much of a spokesman, I will say this, well … actually Iโ€™ll repeat what others have said already: metal still has great things to offer, so for those who are into it, support the scene as much as possible.


To keep yourselves updated on what the guys are going to do in the future follow them on their social media

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There’s nothing left for us to do but to leave you in great company with “Agony” to warm up for tonight’s show.



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