The new White Ward album ‘False Light’ is out today

a dystopian many-sided sonic journey

It is hard to write about White Ward without acknowledging the unspeakably infernal situation their home country is dealing with for the past 114 days, namely the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Yet, as the band mentioned earlier this year when they announced this release, music indeed has a deeply healing side, it takes people through the best and the worst. With that, we will focus on the music from here on.

The new album False Light is out today, June 17, 2022, via Debemur Morti Productions. This is the third full length release of the band, and after the smashing recognition Love Exchange Failure had back in 2019, it had quite some big shoes to fill. But right off the bat White Ward succeeds in delivering a strong, stand-alone album, with it’s own unique story to tell. I am sure we will hear more about them in the future.

False Light is a collection of intertwining stories, full of gloomy atmospherics, melancholic saxophone lines and an overall silent angst.  Their choice of naming their sound deviant black metal would seem to me as a bit of an understatement: for they combine complementary sounds so perfectly, going from the harshness of black metal to the soft melancholic noir jazz elements, to the post-metal tunes with  incredibly well integrated guitar solos thrown in that mix, their sound is altogether theirs. That uniqueness and mastery makes them a band to hold dear.

Conceptually, False Light also carries a lot of meaning. To sum it all up would be to simply call it dystopian. They draw their inspiration from different works of art, such as the 1908 impressionistic novel Intermezzo by Ukrainian author Mykhailo Kotsubinsky, the works of well-known Beat writer Jack Kerouac and different ideas and writings from psychoanalyst Car Jung. All these influences contribute in telling a multifaceted story about government-sanctioned murders, imminent environmental catastrophes, police brutality, domestic abuse, as well as more inward oriented troubles such as the psychic emptiness of the cities, the falsity of modern mainstream culture and the negative effects of overconsumption.

You don’t have to take my word for it, you can experience False Light starting today on many streaming platforms such as Youtube, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and more at this link.

For physical copies you can find CDs and vinyls at the following stores:


EU Shop

US Shop

There are also different print-on-demant merch items available for sale. Please note that, being a print-on demand system, processing orders will take about 15 days.

White Ward core line up:

Yurii Kazarian – Guitars, Vocals
Andrii Pechatkin – Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
Mykola Previr – Guitars
Ievgen Karamushko – Drums
Dima Dudko – Saxophone


Guest musicians:

Vitaliy Havrilenko – Clean Vocals on Leviathan, Phoenix, Silence Circles & Cronus
Jay Gambit – Clean Vocals on Salt Paradise
Adam Symonds – Clean Vocals on False Light
Jerome Burns – Trumpet
Yaroslav Tovarianskyi – Doublebass
Mykola Lebed – Piano, Rhodes Piano


False Light was recorded at Jenny Records, LipkyZvukoZapys, and at the band members’ homes.
Mixed and mastered by Alex Sedin (Ghostalgy Prods).

Artwork Photography by Lucas DeShazer.
Layout concept by El Chulito.

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