An interview with Octav from Akral Necrosis

About their 16 years anniversary concert, the band's history, future and much more.

On Friday the 13th of this month, Akral Necrosis will celebrate their 16 year anniversary in Quantic, together with Gerrar and Exuviath. Check out the Facebook event.

In preparation for the show we had a talk with Octav, singer and founding member of the band.


Hello! Thank you for doing this interview. Please introduce yourself and tell us what Akral Necrosis means for you.


I am Octav Necrosis, one of the 2 original members of the band. Akral Necrosis is the vessel that holds our vision of black metal. It is an ambitious and personal one.

16 years is quite an accomplishment. Is there anything special that we should expect at the anniversary show?

We find a feeling of accomplishment in the fact that we kept specific values as a group, but also that we manage to push ahead and evolve from one album to another, rather than how much time has passed. Since we are a stubborn and very driven band, we always knew that we are here to last.

The show itself will feature a special setlist. We plan to perform at least half of each album that we’ve released so far, and I can tell you we’ve added some songs we haven’t played in some time. There will also be something specially made for this occasion (to be revealed soon). Meanwhile, I am working on an extensive black metal playlist to enjoy during the night after the show, while we empty the bar. Plan for a black metal night, not just a black metal evening. You’ll also get the chance to see Gerrar in action alongside really fresh newcomers Exuviath.

What is your favorite Akral Necrosis story that you would like to share with us?

Their number keeps growing, but I will share one from 11 or 12 years ago, when I was working on the concept of our 1st album, Pandemic Dominion. I won’t go into many details about the story because I did so a lot of times, but since the main character of the story is a seraphim angel, I was looking into various sources. When it got time to check what the bible has on them, I found an interesting chapter online in English, but decided I should just check it in Romanian in the actual book I had in my parents’ home. From that whole bible, those exact 2 pages that I needed were empty, not printed. This didn’t alter my plans in any way.

Two years ago you released your third album, The Greater Absence. You have previously mentioned that, due to the pandemic, you didn’t get the chance to play it live that much. Are you going to pick up promoting your latest material or are you already cooking up another album?

We want to get back on the road as soon as possible, but it takes a bit of time to plan tours, even smaller ones. Hopefully, we are going to be able to perform here and there during this summer, but it remains to be seen. We will clearly promote The Greater Absence in all places we have not played since 2020. It is a complex and ambitious album, so we are proud of this release.

You will be featured on an ABSU tribute double CD. Can you tell us more about this project?

There’s not a lot to tell on this subject. We saw an ad in 2020 from a label based Paraguay that said it will release an official tribute album and since I am a big fan of the band in all its incarnations, I jumped at the chance. We chose a deep cut to record and I think it turned out killer. I just hate it keeps getting delayed.

Do you consider it important for local bands to be featured on international releases, such as the ASBU tribute CD, or that time in 2011 when your debut album was featured in the Terrorizer metal magazine? Are you planning to expose your band more to the international scene?

Sure, it always helps to reach people through these methods, which I guess you could call old school in our day and age. I always found this to be a more genuine method compared to posting moronic crap on social media that should create a false sense of “engagement” with people that might enjoy your music, when they are simply tailored to make those algorithms take your post to more viewers.

We have been exposing the band to international audiences for some time now. Our former label, Loud Rage Music, always made sure we get a lot of reviews and/or interviews. And there’s more to come on that front.

How does the future of Akral Necrosis looks like for you?

New music, more musical extremity and experiment, more shows. No compromise.

How do you think the Romanian underground metal scene has changed in the past 16 years?

Some bands died; others came into being. I think we have good and young or just active bands for each genre of metal. Industry and other stuff, not so much or not so developed as it is in other countries. I won’t go into many details, because I hate complaining, would rather spend the energy into something creative, but I have been feeling for some years that sharing opinions is something really rare these days. By that I mean, you hardly ever see concert reviews anymore, people actually writing comments instead of just pressing the like button (or ignoring it).

Have you recently discovered any new local and/or international band that blew your mind? What band do you enjoy seeing live every time?

I always try to find new albums and new bands. In January I discovered Hexerei from Finland. They put out their debut album, Ancient Evil Spirits and I have been playing that a lot. Top notch stuff.

From Romania, I am amazed at the number of new/young black metal projects that sprung out in the last period. Some more active than others, some do shows, others do not, but it is refreshing to see most of them are going for a darker look, message and sound, not doing the forests, mountains, dacians and other clichés. To drop some names, I am talking about Grohot, Gerrar, Cring, Antumbra, Metanoea, Warhymn and so on. I am sure I forgot some, but I recommend taking the time to check them out. Sure, most are still in their infancy, but it is easy to get a vibe that there is potential if they continue to evolve.

The ending is yours, if you would like to leave a message.

Besides the usual “Spread the plague!” I would like to sincerely offer anniversary related greetings to all the people who were against us, disregarded us or simply thought they were better in any way. We found you to be mildly amusing at times. For the rest, we await you under the cover of darkness on the 13th of May in Quantic. We will sing black metal together and howl at the moon.

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