METAL Bunker …over Bucharest

Event- review (Never Stop The Madness!!)

Not further than a week ago we were preparing to taste that good ol’ madness of a gig, that we all missed and waited for so long.

After we dusted off our most elegant shirts and took our sad green passes, we arrived in Quantic club, with the excitement of a kid who just ran away from home – even though the gig took place on a schedule that would make lots of pre 90 s parents, proud –

Everything happened according to the schedule, so, at 18:50 the first band to open the night – Goatrocity– got on stage.

When one says Goatrocity, the first thing that comes to my mind is that black/death insane sound as in Blasphemophagher/Blasphamagoatachrist/ Goatpenis (and so on). So, naturally, I would expect some dirty fast riffs that would make any therapist quit his job.

However, Goatrocity is a local band that approaches thrash metal in a traditional, old-school manner ( still requires some work for the “speed” part of the story that goes hand in hand with the “black/blackened” side of it).

The show started with enthusiasm, as was to be expected since it was their first. They play a brand of pretty melodic, not very straightforward, mid-paced thrash metal, so one can assume they wear their bullet belts with pride. The frontman was very polite( maybe even too polite) talking or presenting themselves between songs ( not something I would expect given the name and the genre). Personally, when about thrash metal bands I m expecting to see some rage and violence more than sweetness and politeness, although it’s a bit of skill (i guess) to know how to dose your anger and when to get all fuzzy and nice. This is something that probably comes naturally, by experience. (See Coffins’ different attitude in between their European shows). However, good riffs, great drums, and lots of emotions were happening on the stage.

They looked to be very talented musicians that know their instruments, led by an inner wish of contributing to the vast genre of thrash/speed in the best tradition. Still young into (anti)Chris-ting and 666-ting, the initiative is great in the local context, although, maybe, should work a bit on clearing out the message they want to send out there and be more careful regarding the context: – This is true Norwegian black metal  – well, I m sure is not something that Fenriz would approve of.  Furthermore regarding the introduction speech, one can ensure that No Burzum Fans Were Harmed (wouldn’t say the same about the geopolitical logic…).

Even if as a band they are at the beginning, one could see the guys have some experience in playing their instruments and the right excitement for it, though they need to work on their stage presence (or the lack thereof).

They were followed up by  Outlaw – a black metal band that stands its ground and philosophy. Maybe the most notable influence of their sound is Watain and Dissection, along with a touch of Swedish old-school death metal ( à la ’93) performed in a Brazillian black metal manner.
The crowd got engaged quickly on their meticulous yet fast and raw sound. Outlaw spread the occult atmosphere in every corner of the place with sinister energy, that flowed in all directions. Their intense riffs and drum-beats were preaching a more modern black metal sound, yet sophisticated enough to “devastate” the stage in the best tradition.  They seemed very engaged in their work and lyrics, which is the right thing for a straight-forward with 0 compromises stage performance.

A short brief ( too short) and the long-awaited tour’s headliner –Power from Hell got on stage. In a blink, the madness started. It was razor-sharp with their Black/Thrash/Speed Metal mix with insane riffs and fast lines; their show was a blast. They played in the best tradition, mixing up sounds from the depths of rotting hell, spreading the ” Power from hell” in every corner of the place. Felt like the walls will start crumbling under such energy.  Was like a revival of the glorious”bestial times“. They covered up songs from “The True Metal” and “Profound evil Presence” (The way they played Elizabeth Needs Blood would make Venom have shivers on their spine). A very welcomed surprise was the cover of Bathory – Satan My Master (Jubileum – Volume III) a masterpiece played by the book.

It was a total blast, that brought back the feeling of being alive; a feeling we all missed so much during the last years. With an impeccable act, Power From Hell is one of those brilliant unique bands that sounds even better live than on tapes. – Their show is not something to miss-  Their performance was impressive and something to look forward to. Of course, an encore was asked by the crowd, but unfortunately, it didn’t happen ( will blame the hour restrictions for it).

Everything was great, as expected when under the Metal Bunker sign, the Official Thrash Metal Club meets Etrurian Legion Promotion. 
This show took place as part of Metal Bunker (this time over Bucharest) 9  1/2 edition.
Regarding Metal Bunker Festival and what it stands for, I think it’s best to hear it strike from the horse’s mouth ( since they say it so well): “Metal Bunker is not only a festival but also a movement started from the public initiative of the metal and punk communities in Craiova, with the simple aim of connecting the city to the metal and punk scenes in the country and in the world.” – Probably one would naturally ask, what’s the deal with Bucharest?! Well, unfortunately, we are living crazy – inner rotting times once the restrictions hit us all, so since we got in the situation of a having our beloved  Festival Old Grave still on hold, a replacement was mandatory –  What better way of pleasing both the goat ( hehe) and the crowd than to be held in the (a bit more) permissive Bucharest?!

A huge “Thank You” is demanded to all who were involved in this amazing gig!

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