Fides Inversa unveil new track

"A Wanderer's Call and Orison"

W.T.C. PRODUCTIONS is proud to present “A Wanderer’s Call and Orison”, hailing from FIDES INVERSA‘s third album, Historia Nocturna, set for release on July 22.

It has been three years since FIDES INVERSA‘s last recording – the ambitious, two-song/20-minute Rite of Inverse Incarnation, released under the auspices of the WORLD TERROR COMMITTEE – and yet three more years prior since the Italians’ last full-length, the equally critically acclaimed Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans. But FIDES INVERSA are not one for half measures; each creation of theirs is a work of black magick, willed into being when it is time, and only then. The founding duo of Void and Omega remain resolute, with new co-conspirators chosen when that spark of creation suits it. Venturing further down their dark path of inspiration and chaos, FIDES INVERSA give life to a new album, hereby titled Historia Nocturna, through the vessels of the very same personalities that sealed the pact on their previous EP effort.

Working on the material for years, they are now delivering an aggressive yet dynamic record that might be their finest to this day. Black metal in form and content but boundless in its inspiration and aspiration, listeners can only hope to grasp its leathery wings and take flight, like the archetypal ascent of Lucifer – or plummet to the abyss, where vast wisdom resides. Inspired by the One Grand Sabbath, fed by nocturnal assemblies with spirits, by solitary revelations and dreams, Historia Nocturna is a diabolic opus that arises at the crossroads, perennially nurtured by opposition and transgression. With appropriately/alluringly arcane cover art courtesy of Iza and astounding production – clear, cutting, yet thundering – FIDES INVERSA deliver a masterwork in Historia Nocturna.




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