Delia Poparad – debut album “The Land of Mist”

Delia Poparad debut album "The Land of Mist" -release party

Delia Poparad announces her debut album – “The Land of Mist” – through the March 21 concert at Fabrica Club. An album in which reality alternates with the imagination, during a love story in which the protagonists are magicians and wizards from a Universe where time sat still. All this, of course, with fuzz and rock stoner beats.

Each piece presents a different moment of the story and is recorded in collaboration with various vocal and instrumental soloists from the underground scene. On vocals, we have Byst (RoadkillSoda), Shole (CRIZE), Diana Secu and Robert Pița, while instrumental collaborations are recorded with Ștefan Mustață (Rockabella), Adrian Cotoară (Domination) and Mihnea Ferezan (RoadkillSoda, King Solomon).

The album (music and lyrics) is composed by Delia Poparad, produced by Stefan Mustață and mastered by Mihai Alexandru Dincă. The artwork is done by Bony.

The latest audio excerpt from the upcoming album is The High Priestess, featuring Diana Secu.

For the show on March 21, the album will be presented live in a special formula:

Delia Poparad – guitar; Andrei Gorgos – guitar; Diana Cîmpeanu – piano; Ciprian Florea – bass; Andrei Ovidiu – drums

As guests, we have King Solomon and Purple Caravan!

Delia Poparad is a guitarist and composer of the eponymous rock stoner and heavy blues project. The collaboration with the Orkid band from 2018-2019 also marked the first contact with the scene, fueling the desire to carry on the solo project. The first chapter of this new journey is represented by the album The Land Of Mist, a complex material with musicians representing the local underground. In 2015, she released the song Magician man with Horațiu Ghibu (Loud inc.), a single that triggered a series of collaborations presented now as The Land of Mist.




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