Transylvanian Death Fest XI -review

Hard Club Ccluj

We meet again…this time on my short trip to Cluj. I witnessed some grindcore-death metal festival (the second one after Grindcore Picnic which took place in Bucharest this spring) again. As I already said, this is not really my type of music but I had fun. Had the pleasure to see the guys from Blutrină again and I was impressed by their sound and their show, which was even funnier this time. I talked to the guys a bit and here are their words: Hi Miruna! Thank you for reaching out to us. We had a great time in Cluj and in our opinion, the event turned out better than we expected. We liked the fact that the schedule of the event was followed and all bands played exactly on time. The sound was very good as well (the sound guy really knew what he was doing). The public was “exactly what was needed” to quote our drummer, Mr. Putrid Clismatron. We are also planning on releasing an EP soon, which will be a totally unexpected “loonecy”. The material for the EP has already been completely recorded, but still needs to be mixed. Stay “tooned” guys! 
Overall all the bands had a good sound here in Hard Club. I have been to many clubs in Romania, but none of them had the sound quality that this one has.

Incineration were the second band on the stage I really liked their performance, very nice band. As always, if you don’t know the guys you might want to check them out here

I asked the guys about the Romanian public, the atmosphere and the organization and these are their words: Romania we didn’t have much time to see, only one night in Bucharest which was really cool, and whatever time we spent in Cluj. Great place, great organization and crazy death metalers… Oh and tons of Balinkaaa.. Haha

The 3rd band was Womb of Maggots, also a death metal band from Greece. They were nice, but I had some difficulties in hearing the voice… they didn’t make an impression on me this time, maybe next time.

I talked to them a bit about Transylvanian Deathfest: Everything was organized down to the last detail. The venue was not very big which is nice for us, because you can really feel the connection with the fans. As far as Romanian people, just crazy! That’s the only reason we want and we try to play there at least once every 1-2 years and usually not just one show at a time. Again if you don’t know them and you are a fan of the genre check them out.

Stercore were the 4th band of the night. Guys full of energy; was nice to take picture of them and nice music as well. I liked the atmosphere they’ve created. I asked them a few questions as well:
1. What did you think about the Transylvania Deatfest organization? What about the public?
Hello Miruna, thanks for asking. We are very glad we were part of Transylvanian Death Fest, which contained cool bands, fabulous fans and perfect organization. In summary it was PURE HELL!
We appreciate every single time we are able to play outside our homeland, and we are very pleased, when we´re invited to your country, because we love the fans, and we hope they will be supportive for us in the future. As I was saying, we are comfortable with your organization, and we will recommend you, everywhere we can. 
2. How would you define your music?
That´s a pretty hard question, because our music is mostly about feelings, outgoing to people we´re trying to reach.
But in the quantum of bands active nowadays, fans need to know their music genres, so they can give a certain band at least a chance and is hard to stay oriented in this way.
Stercore is Groovy, Stercore is Metal, Stercore is Deathcore, Stercore is energy for y´all.
3. Tell me a few things about your new album.
The new album is made in request to make people think about their acts and behavior, so they can do better decisions, make great future and formalize superior society. We also want to inspire them to be progressive in the best possible way.
In musical aspect, this is the strongest material we´ve ever made and we want to transfer its energy to each and every fan.
So definitely listen to us, folks, we will be very grateful.

Aaaaand…last but not least… CLITGORE! this band clearly needs no further presentation.. everybody knows them. Same great atmosphere and nice crowd, balloons, costumes and so on. I enjoyed the show, but too bad I had difficulties in taking pics. Anyway I talked with Ela about the festival, the organization and here is the little “interview”:

1. When did the Transylvanian Deathfest phenomenon started?
Back in time, my idea to bring more brutal bands and all the crazy people around Transilvania together was in 2009. My point of view was to organize a 100 % DIY fest (with no parteners and sponsors), that’s why you can see me at the door, in the moshpit, dancing or preparing food for bands… Some time ago I even made photos too, now there are a few photographers who help me, I am a lucky girl haha. I am implicated 200% in this work and I hope the party will remain in the hearts of all people.

2. What did you think about this edition was it better than the previous ones?
People say and I think this too, the festival is better and better with every year, it’s becoming a tradition. We already have public from all over Romania, also from other countries, hehe. Also, all the bands who played here said it was the greatest place and the best crowd they’ve ever seen.
3. What we can expect from Clitgore in 2018?
For the next year, we prepare a full lenght album, already signed at Gore House Production, US.
We will be the first gore grind band who ever played in Nepal, a tour on the US West Coast that will finish with Las Vegas Deathfest and a tour in the UK in June. These are mainly our surprises for 2018 and of course we plan to party more with all of you 🙂
Thanks Miruna for the interview, you rule!
Greetings to all of your readers, cheers & crazy New Year for everybody!



This was 2017! Until next time,

Miruna Vitriol.



pictures by me, full gallery here

other pictures by Lucifer’s Light Photography & Marmota Photography.

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