Katatonia, The Ocean, Aflmsmp- concert review

~11th anniversary of The Great Cold Distance~

I finally got courage to write my 3rd concert review, but this time it’s more personal and special to me. 

The evening of the 21st of October started nicely in the company of a local band from Bucharest named “Am Fost La Munte Si Mi-a Placut” (Post Rock, Tripcore). It was my 2nd time seeing the band, first time being this summer at the “Rockstadt Extreme Fest”. They impressed me and I think they have a lot of potential and I hope I will see them again soon. If you don’t know the guys, you might want to check them out here.  

The second band of the evening was “The Ocean” (progressive metal from Germany). It was the first time I have heard the band perform. They played the album “Pelagial” (released in 2013) in its entirely. It was a nice performance and the band are great musicians, but unfortunately the vocals didn’t impress me. I guess the sound was a bit too loud and I had some issues in hearing the voice at its best.

Moving on to the best moment of the evening, (being subjective now, but I came here especially for Katatonia, even if I saw them twice before Saturday) I have chosen my place right in front of the stage, because I had to be the photographer as well, quietly waiting for the guys to show up.

No more than 11 years have passed since the release of “The Great Cold Distance”. This album is Katatonia’s 7th full-length album. The songs were played in the exact same order as they are on the album.

I found myself singing every single word for the 3rd time in my life, together with Jonas. All their albums are my favorites, but “The Great Cold Distance” is special in its own way. I wished that this concert would never end, and I think the whole public would agree with me. They came back and played more songs from the albums “Viva Emptiness”, “The Fall of Hearts”, “Dead End Kings” and “Night Is the New Day”.

Could this night be more perfect than it was? I guess no. The sound was perfect and Jonas’ voice was beyond words, beyond comparisons. I witnessed the concert of the year. I couldn’t be more happy after one of my dreams came true. 


I wanna thank to the Kruhnen-Rockstadt crew for making this event possible. I hope the guys will come again as soon as possible.

Until next time !


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