Methedras (Italy) live at Hybrid Club

opening act: Valak & Acid Scorn

Quintessence of the most direct-in-your-face thrash-death style, Methedras sets among the leading underground Italian bands, a real war-machine which has been able to release a demo and three full-lenght albums during its 18-years old activity, as well as have performed hundreds of concerts throughout Europe, many of them in support of big names of the international metal scene (Dismember, Hatesphere, Destruction, The Haunted, Onslaught, Exodus, Overkill, Sepultura, Testament, Heathen, Hirax), without ever losing an ounce of anger and energy.
Quartet formed by Andrea (bass), Tito (vocals), Dani (guitars) and Daniele (drums), originally near Milan in 1996 with a double-guitar line-up, then moved in Bergamo, the band has changed over the years various members preferring in the end a solid line-up with only one guitar, arriving to a proper own style with no compromise: a sort of crossover thrash-death metal spiced with some rock and hardcore influences.
Previously under the flag of Punishment 18 Records, with the well-reviewed album “Katarsis” released worldwide in 2009, the Italian thrashers just finished completing the creation of their last effort, “System Subversion”, recorded beginning of 2014 at the superb Domination Studio, in San Marino Republic, under the guide of mastermind Simone Mularoni, and released through Pavement Music on the 11th of November of the same year.

Band Members:
Andrea Bochi – Bass, Daniele Gotti – Drums, Daniele Colombo – Guitars, Tito Listorti Maglia – Vocals

Valak – Melodic Death Metal

Mhai Chelariu – Lead Guitar
Avram Dimitrie – Rhythm Guitar, Voice
Cristea Andrei – Rhythm Guitar
Gales Andrei – Bass
Rares Stefan Rosu – Drums

Melodeath band from Bucuresti, born in November 2016.

Acid Scorn – Thrash metal/Metalcore

Part of the new wave of thrash metal with influences from thrash metal to metalcore, the band’s interest is to spread a message and make people to fight for what they believe in.

Mihai Eduard – Lead Vocals
Marin Alexandru – Rhythm/Lead Guitar & Backing vocals
Vlad Costin Todeasa – Lead Guitar
Jugaru Andrei – Bass
Matey Radu – Drums

Artist support – 15 ron
Limited capacity – 90 tickets
Opening doors – 19.00

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