Lurking Terror – Deafening Void

Demo Review

From the depths of hell, I give you  Deafening Void, Lurking Terror’s demo released on January 10th, 2016.


Intro – Unaware of the Error – 03:21

World’s Decay – 05:11

In the Middle of Nowhere – 04:12

Deafening Void – 04:49

Life Line (Sacrilege Cover) – 03:37


If you are a fan of Sadistic Intent, the name (Lurking Terror) already rings a bell (and you’re already thinking about Impending Doom), or maybe you remembered the movie, or both. By that I want to point out  that the name already creates certain expectations and sets a certain standard that is  firmly touched by this tape.

Deafening Void is their first demo (until now, because I sure hope to hear more from them) released both stand-alone on cassette and as a split (called Omega Doom) with Morbus Grave (this year on June 26th) on CD.

During the entire demo, you can feel the plethora of influences this band has. It prepares you for what’s next and when you think you can predict it, they change the line, but keep the context.

It begins with a nice Intro, taken from Blade Runner (Sci-Fi, 1982), that thankfully is over before wearing out its welcome and it transitions to the track proper – Unaware of the Error – which hits off with some riff work and a voice that clarifies immediately what this is all about. And of course we are talking about death metal here. For example, if you are a fan of Convulse (“World Without God”-era) then this will make you think of them, subsequently you might also think the band’s Finnish but no, they hail from Italy – Rome.

The second track is World’s Decay. If the world had intestines, these guys would totally rip them off. It’s like taking the most death metal aspects from both a vivisection with a botched anaesthesia (the screams, the blood splattering everywhere) and an autopsy (mainly the stench). The entire composition makes it fast and cold blooded, with a doom touch. There is a mixture of riffs , vocals and drums that combine with each other thus the message to be as accurate as possible.

It’s followed by the 3th track – In the Middle Of Nowhere– which makes a good point regarding its theme. It starts with a guitar – drums speed contrast. The passage between 1:28 – 1:40  which is my personal favorite is followed by a quick change of contrast in which the riffs are getting higher and more rhythmic and after the fourth minute everything is gradually descending marking the end.

The 4th track gives the demo its name – Deafening Void – and it’s the crown of it – it’s pure sonic carnage at its best with a versatile sound. It starts directly with a brutal strike of riffs and drums, fast tempos and a wild speed. Those drums are hitting the subject like a sharp knife.

The last track – Life Line – a Sacrilege cover, from their 1985 debut album (Behind the Realms of Madness)  fits just right for ending this demo.

The whole demo is made in the best old school tradition so if you care about this area, you should totally check these guys out.

If this demo was a book, then it was written by a librarian that spent half his life reading all the good stuff (in our case – everything death metal slice has had to offer). You’ll find riffs and lots of influences from bands like: Rottrevore, Slugathor and the list goes on. But they make this blend their own – they manage to create it in a natural way, not forced and all everything comes together organically brutal. In conclusion, it’s a good blend, put together in the best old school tradition.; old and rotten, with testosterone and a brutal touch.

You can listen to the Demo in its entirety on Bandcamp (where you can buy it as well) and you can drop them a line on their Facebook.




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