Interview with Béla Lugosi

(Wolfsgrey, Siculicidium)

Wolfsgrey is a band from Romania that apart from their good releases, very few information is available about them. Béla Lugosi, the vocalist of the band, decided to answer my questions.

The band name is quite interesting; does it refer to a wolf which is grey or does it have another connotation?

Hails, this is Lugosi Béla from Wolfsgrey. The band’s name refers to the color of the wolf which is sometimes darker than white, sometimes lighter than black, very important when you are a lurker, a hunter. The wolf is one of the most interesting and enigmatic animal on planet Earth. Live like a wolf, die like a wolf! Lone wolf.

How did you start the band? Which was your main source of inspiration when you started and at what age did you take this decision?

Wolfsgrey started in 2007 as a band when I heard some great riffs/songs from Nekroführer and we decided to form a band; he did/was doing the musical parts and I wrote all the lyrics. That’s the rule in Wolfsgrey. Our inspiration is coming from our love and passion for old school black metal and punk from the 80’s and early 90’s. In 2008 we released our first EP called simple “A”. In the last 10 years we released 2 Eps, some demo cassettes and 2 full length albums as well.

Are you planning to have a concert in the near future or any collaborations with other bands? And have you ever re-released your first album?

No plans for concerts in the near future. In the last couple of months Nekroführer established a new job & home in my home town, so we are playing only in rehearsal room, which is always fun. Collaboration with other bands are not planned, but if it will happen, it will only be with Siculicidium or Death Nöize.

Our first album “Transylvanian Plaguespreader Committee” is still available on CD from Drakkar or Sun & Moon Records and from us as well, so it’s not necessary to re-releasing in the near future. We have a contract for cassette and vinyl versions too. I hope Drakkar will release within the foreseeable future.

 About your last album; what can you tell me about it? I find it very nice. I associated it with what Darkthrone used to do?

The second album “You Don’t Hurt Me” was released last year through Sun & Moon Records on CD and by Mirgilus Siculorum on limited red cassettes. It contains 8 new songs in old school black metal vein with lots of hooligan punk influences + a “The White Stripes” cover with a Hungarian poem of Weöres Sándor.

I’m not hearing too much Darkthrone in our music, but if you do, it’s not a problem,  we all love Darkthrone.

How about your lyrics? Do you speak about Hungarian liberation and Hungarian rights here in Romania?

WTF? We are not speaking about Hungarian, nor Romanian liberation and rights in our lyrics; this is totally false! Our lyrics are dealing with personal things, way of living, “Never give up/Never surrendering/Never stopping/ until fighting/never hiding/last breath going/keep marching/‘till last blood” ‘cause; I’m Unbreakable”, the traditional Hungarian marching song “A nagybányai”, “Glorify the old great spirit!” the title speaks for itself, “I couldn’t care less/You don’t hurt me!”, “Iron vagina of the countess” it’s about Bathory Erzsébet, but from a different perspective hehe, „Under filth & violence” is the most primitve track with primitive street lyrics, the most desperate song on the album is „Turn the light off”, „I’m going down and feeling ill/Turn the lights off/Just make a change today/Kill yourself!/The only way out, just/Turn your lights off”, „From cunt to the grave” is our philosophy about the life itself:

„Life is a jump

From cunt to the grave

Eternal suffer

From born to pain


Satan is my master

In every way

Satan is my master

I don’t care”

To wind down, what music or what bands do you like? Do you listen to old school black metal? And why did you choose the name Bela Lugosi? Are you a fan? Last question:  if you could join any band what band would you choose?

I like ‘70s, 80’s heavy metal, speed metal (Scorpions/Judas Priest/Iron Maiden/Cirith Ungol/Omen, Venom/Motorhead, etc), 80’s 90’s black metal (Bathory/Beherit/Blasphemy/Tormentor/GBK/Mutiilation, etc etc) I’m listening lots of experimental/power electronics shit as well, and I’m a great fan of Swans, 16 Horsepower/Wovenhand and the list is huge.Yes, I’m a great fan of Lugosi, so other long explanation is not needed about this.

I’m fine with Wolfsgrey and Siculicidium, but it could be fun to compose some songs with Beherit, or Swans, or playing drums in Bathory!


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