Abigail announced a new vocalist… and more

Doom/death metal band Abigail from Bucharest have recently unveiled the name of their new vocalist and front man! Without further ado, let’s welcome Juan Escobar! Juan originates from Chile,...
Abigail- Juan Escobar

Doom/death metal band Abigail from Bucharest have recently unveiled the name of their new vocalist and front man! Without further ado, let’s welcome Juan Escobar! Juan originates from Chile, but he’s living in Czech Republic. Having graduated Modern School of Music from Santiago, Chile, Juan Escobar used to be the vocalist of the famous Chilean doom metal band Mar de Grises. However, at present he is also a guitarist at Wooden Veins, a band of Chilean musicians residing in Europe. Juan recorded two acclaimed albums with Mar de Grises, Draining the Waterheart (2008) and Streams Inwards (2010).

Together with the other members of Abigail, Mirel Cristea, Alin Nechita, Sorin Svetoslav and Răzvan Alexandru, Juan Escobar joined the efforts of making the new album, The Mind Replays What The Heart Can’t Erase.

Furthermore, Abigail announced their first show with the new vocalist! Thus, Abigail features on the lineup of Metal Gates Festival, scheduled to take place on September 27th-29th this year. However, this is the band’s first concert at Metal Gates Festival, since 2018. The band will deliver a 40 minute performance, probably on September 27th, mostly with new songs.

The band stated: “We invite people to support this event, as it is a crucial step for us and for the rest of the artists on the lineup. Any kind of support matters in this troubled, uncertain times! We’ll be glad to meet old friends and make new ones. To listen to amazing music together and maybe have a beer or more. Doom on!

About the band:

Abigail became a cult act, being the oldest band representing the doom/death metal genre in Romania. However, its rare live performances are already considered true events. Established in 1994, it is one of the few projects of the 1990s pioneering era that is still active today.

The last few years have brought Abigail international recognition through their performances at famous festivals such as Dutch Doom Days, Darken the Moon, Metal Over Malta, Gothoom Fest, Metal Gates Festival, Metalhead Meeting, Rockstadt Extreme Fest, Doom Over Bucharest, and a tour alongside Saturnus, Clouds, and Antimatter.

With a new frontman in the person of Juan Escobar (Chile, Wooden Veins, ex. Mar De Grises), alongside Alin Nechita, Sorin Svetoslav, Mirel Cristea, and Răzvan Alexandru, Abigail will be releasing this year a new album, called The Mind Replays What the Heart Can’t Erase. The new record label releasing this album will be further announced.

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