Kyterion-Inferno II-Album Review

Black metal from Bologna, Italy.

For a band formed in 2015 Kyterion has a powerful past album, Inferno I, leaving the fans with nothing but high expectations for the second album. They are from Italy and are a new delight for the black metal community. After 2 years from the debut album, comes the second one named simply Inferno II, the name may not be very original but the band was too busy delivering a new masterpiece, who needs an original name when the music on the album is more than good. With this new album you can feel that the band is slowly dropping the full black metal influence, from the first track to the last, the album gets more and more stronger, making you think that you are listening to a freshly newborn baby with a black metal Mommy and a death metal Daddy. As you let yourself devoured by the album you do realise that the name fits it perfectly, the lyrics are in Italian giving you the sensation that you are listening the sound of the catholic hell. The album has 11 songs, first one being Mal Nati this being the intro to the album it is a bit soft (probably not the perfect word to describe it) but as it progresses, slowly gives away the devilish nature of the album. The hash vocals and the double bass runs gives you an unexpected trip to the darkest corners of your imagination. The next 2 songs, Onde la rena s’accendea  and Dite offer a more rational approach on pain, life, hell…guitar riffs are consistent followed by a a little impact of the vocals, this is a song made to headbang as much as you can. The riffs join the drums wonderful into a song that makes you let all the dark and bad energy out, and all of this while maintaining the strong tone of the album. This song makes you feel like you are being attacked by demonic creatures while you are drinking tea and beating the hell out of them with just one hand. Pena Molesta is the strongest song, starting with a full blast of hash vocals and guitar riffs that explode from time to time, the song is basically a war between vocals and the perfect collaboration of instruments. Cerbero il gran vermo is picking up were Pena molesta left, with heavy guitars storms and powerful vocals, only to be followed by the release of all that is evil, Cocito, a short break, making way for Dolenti ne la Ghiaccia. The song starts soft, making you think that is following the path of the previews song, only to detonated just after 40 seconds, pomping energy like never before. Rabbiosi falsador is a very fast, making your heart beat go crazy, from time to time the voice conquers over the instruments, making it sound like a small jump-scare. (Do not listen to this songs with headphones and the volume up to the sky) Just when you think you had enough comes another small break(Vallon Tondo), for a couple of seconds we are hearing the cries of the doomed ones and just when you get your ears adjusted to break comes Li’ ndivin with this one is the same situation as Dite repetitive guitar riffs followed by powerful vocals, the soul of the song being in the vocals. The last song Terrible Stipa is a continuous percussion, really repetitive, giving the sensation of a never ending song, probably is last on the album to leave the impression of a ever lasting hell. The album is well written and has a lot of good songs, worth the attention. If the band can keep up delivering albums as strong as the first two, they are definitely going to build a dedicated fan based.

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