BelzebonG and Beauty and Rat are confirmed for SoundArt Festival

13-15th of March, Quantic Club

Among Green Carnation, Truckfighters, Allochiria, ARAC Ensemble, The Dead Creed, A Broken Design, Contraband X and Eyes to ArgusBelzebong are a stoner metal band from Kielce, Poland. Since the band’s formation in 2008 they currently have three albums under their belt and have toured Europe on multiple occasions. Along with their weed-themed instrumental doom the band is best known for their “Dude” psuedonyms, keeping their faces obscured whether by hair or fog and tongue-in-cheek nature to their music as implicated in many interviews. All of their music to date, barring samples, is instrumental. Belzebong formed in 2008 with the lineup of Cheesy Dude, Felony Dude, Sleepy Dude and Alky Dude. Supposedly they had a vocalist at one point (Mary Dude, 2008-2011) but no known recordings of the band with a vocalist exist.

Beauty and the Rat are a Romanian band formed in 2011 in Iasi, after a while when the band ‘suffered’ some changes towards their members. Their debut album Unborn was released in 2016 at the Rock’n’Iasi Winter Edition festival and contains 13 English  songs which could be listen here  .


Tickets at a special price: 170 RON  (full pass)

Bilete SoundArt Festival 2020 1st day – 40 RON – The Dead Creed, ARAC Ensemble

Bilete SoundArt Festival 2020 2nd day – 90 RON – Contraband X, Eyes To Argus, Belzebong, Green Carnation

Bilete SoundArt Festival 2020 3rd day – 90 RON – Beauty and the Rat, A Broken Design, Allochiria, Truckfighters

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