Ingested [UK] / Need4Speed [RM] / Avoid Humanity [RO] at Quantic Club

Ingested [UK] / Need4Speed [RM] / Avoid Humanity [RO] at Quantic Club


Mark the date: 19.01.2020 @ Quantic

🎫 Tickets:
✅ 35 lei – acces general – earlybird – first 50 tickets
⭕️ 45 lei – acces general – presale 1 – until 18.01.2020
⭕️ 60 lei – acces general – 19.01.2020

INGESTED [UK] – Slamming Death Metal
Mancunian slam crew INGESTED has built a reputation as one of the most savage death metal acts to come out of the UK for a long time. Punishing beat-downs, epic riffage, guttural vocals and blistering speed are just some of the weapons in Ingested‘s musical arsenal.
2015 now sees Ingested return with their heaviest offering yet in the form of “The Architect Of Extinction”, mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy) and featuring mind-blowing artwork from Toshihiro Egawa (who also did the artwork for the band’s debut record).
“The Architect Of Extinction” will be released January 12th on Century Media Records.

Jason Evans (vocals) comments: “It’s taken us three albums and two EP’s to find our sound, our identity as a band. This album is Ingested in it’s purest form; nihilistic, slamming death metal. Every lyric, guitar riff and drum beat on this album is delivered with utter sincerity, we fucking mean it this time. This is the album we have always wanted to create, this is THE ARCHITECT OF EXTINCTION.

#Need4Speed [RM] – Brutal Death Metal Grindcore

The instrumental base included musicians from Abnormyndeffect (Stefan Babara, Radu Grindhop, Oleg Grinko), and the vocal parts were played by the drummer Constantin Dimitrenco, bassist Vitek Iron and vocalist Oleg Vysokosov from Empathological Necroticism.
   Need4Speed ​​struck the fans on the spot with its 100% grind pressure, excellent sense of humour.

Avoid Humanity [RO] – Death Metal

The name “Avoid Humanity” is a representation of 5 introverts that want to play their music to the masses. Ironic, isn’t it?

Taken individually the band members can sometimes go to great lengths to avoid human interaction, but they wanted to develop strong personas/characters to blend in with their co-species. As such, they are now united as a 5 piece metal band from Bucharest, Romania formed in 2016.
This is a result of “ex-teenagers” who found themselves caught in the social day to day bullshit and now as they are becoming responsible adults, they want to scream/sing about what’s wrong. (EVERYTHING IS WRONG)
Human behavior is not at its best. It hasn’t and it will not be in a million years. Oh, and we’re not trying to change it, we’re only trying to rub it in your face…
The name “Avoid Humanity” is a representation of 5 introverts that want to play their music to the masses. Ironic, isn’t it?
Influences: Hate, Poverty, Spite, Mundanity , Corruption, Indifference, Immorality , Rage, etc



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