Astral Night // Frig -album release / Irfan / Mindcage Escape

Astral Night // Frig - lansare album / Irfan / Mindcage Escape

On December 20, FRIG will release genOm EP. As guests, Quantic Club will host the bands Irfan and Mindcage Escape.

? Tickets:
Lei 30  – general access – Earlybird – only the first 50 tickets
⭕️ 40 lei – general access – presales – until 19.12.2019
⭕️ 50 lei – general access – on the day of the event, 20.12.2019.

#IRFAN brings a unique combination of mesmerizing songs and rhythms – an electro-acoustic World Fusion inspired by the sacred folk songs from the Balkans, Persia, the Middle East, Orthodox songs and musical heritage of the Byzantine Empire and Medieval Europe.
Taking power from their Bulgarian roots, the band incorporates the endless and abundant sound of the recognized traditional songs and harmonies from Bulgaria into deep and enchanting electronic landscapes with percussive and asymmetrical rhythms.
One of the main aspects of the IRFAN band is the abundant use of the ethnic female vocal exceptions, the strong male voices and the chorus.

All these elements accompanied by the endless variety of instruments with traditional Bulgarian, Balkan and oriental strings (oud, baglama, saz, santour), flute and keyboard (kaval, nay, duduk, harmonium) and percussion (darbouka, daf, bodhran, riq).
The combination blossoms into an original musical genre of World Fusion that interweaves Neo Folk and Gothic / Etheric Wave matrix with Oriental mysticism, Balkan sounds and Medieval romance in a captivating sound of crystalline beauty.
The name of the band, which originates from Sufi, represents the notion of “Gnosticism” and “mystical knowledge” and represents perfectly the unique, mystical experience of the etheric atmosphere created by their music.
IRFAN‘s recordings and their concerts lead the audience through an emotional and spiritual experience beyond time and space.



Industrial metal avantgarde band FRIG will perform at the Quantic club in Bucharest as part of a special event with  IRFAN and MINDCAGE ESCAPE bands.
 FRIG band performs a unique mix of metal and electronic music to create a new fusion of modern metal with avant-garde, doom, techno and industrial, dedicated to the space theme. The guides in the journey among others will be:
• Alex Deak – synthesizer
• Dragos Schipor – bass guitar
• Gabi Neagu – guitar
• Rare Black – guitar
• Stefan Maidaniuc – drums

The show represents a preview of the new instrumental record material –genOm. With a dark sound, doom, techno and industrial elements, the disc represents an analysis of the evolution from the macro to the micro, from the universe to the human, to the analysis of the human condition and of the experiences, of the neural connections through the cosmic plasma that unites EVERYTHING as a whole. .
The special guest of this material is the drummer Sergio Ponti (A Lifelong Journey, ex-Dordeduh, ex-Sunset In The 12th House) who gave a progressive and massive tone to the pieces.
The mixing and mastering were again provided by Enrico Tiberi (Sony, Universal, Warner Music), the collaboration started on the previous disc.
The previous material, “Vid nocturn”, was highly appreciated by the specialized press, being considered by ProTv one of the best records of the year 2018.
The band’s tracks found their place on the worldwide radio playlist, starting with the oceanic area: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and continuing with the African continent: South Africa, Latin America: Argentina, Brazil, North America: Canada, US and returning to the European space: Greece, France, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany. and Norway.


#Mindcage Escape

After 2 years of absence from the Romanian rock scene, Mindcage Escape arrives in Quantic with its own progressive rock recipe, characterized by aggressive riffs, melodic passages, composite measures and polyrhythmic tunes.
The show in Quantic comes after the release of two singles in 2019, announcing the release in spring 2020 of the first LP in the band’s history.
Mindcage Escape is a Romanian progressive metal band, formed in 2012, in Bucharest.


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