The Black Sorcery unveils new song

Black/Death Metal

The Black Sorcery are about to  release a new album coming March 28th 2019.Last year they released “…and the beast spake death from above” which was brutal and primitive.

Thei song “Wolven Degrade” is what I call the definition of bestial black/death metal.Lord Matzigkeitus vocals are more brutal than ever and the instrumental is cavernous and primitive.I am sure that upcoming album will be one of the most brutal and blasphemic album that will be released this year.

Wolven Degrade tracklist:

1. War Fangs
2. Intolerance Enthrone
3. Putrescent Infected
4. The Crone
5. Body Coffin Betrayal
6. Wolven Degrade
7. Sawed Strings and the Fall of a Marionette
8. Angry Spit of the Witches Piss
9. Worse Still the Fog of Man Settles
10. Revelation of Dark Succumbing

You can preorder Wolven Degrade here :

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