Fange-‘ Punir ‘

released on the 1st of February

The Frenchmen from Fange have released their newest album entitled “Punir” on the 1st of February 2019. The album contains seven tracks which are full of harsh, sludge, black, death and doom madness which will surely appeal to a lot of metal fans who like something different.

Fange was formed back in 2013 and through the band’s own words it is the “dirtiest combination of harshness, swedeath D-Beats and amplifiers worshipping” you will probably have the pleasure of listening to, at least for the time being. Since their formation, they have released two other full-length albums entitled “Purge” (2016) and “Pourrissoir” (2017), but also two EPs entitled “Poisse” (2014) and Skapheusis (2015).

The current lineup of the band is:

.Benjamin Moreau – Guitar/Noise, Vocals
.Matthias Jungbluth – Vocals
.Jean-Baptiste Lévêque – Noise, Vocals
.Antoine Perron – Bass/Noise, Vocals
.Alexandre Jadi – Drums

The album can be listened to, in full, and purchased on the band’s Bandcamp page.

Band Facebook Page

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