Something for the Core 2018 edition- short review

7-9 september

For those who aren’t aware of what Something For The Core is, the main festival idea is based on supporting underground music, but also on encouraging the public to pay more attention to the underground culture in which you can always find bands that are very good and who deserve to be heard. First day of the festival began with a delayed schedule and the first band on stage was Never going home which was actually pretty good; the sound was excellent, too bad there were only a few people in front of the stage. Keep up the good working, hope to see you soon!

I would like to point out some minuses of the festival: it was kind of warm because they moved the stage indoors. As far as I remember, last year there were 2 stages and the things were faster and you didn’t have to wait too long for the next band to come up on stage. Also, there were too many bands per night and it was pretty exhausting.

The highlights of the evening were:

Crize– I am pretty sure this name is familiar to you. Long time no hear from them; at least I didn’t, but they kicked ass on stage.

BreathlastWhat an amazing performance! It was the first time I saw them (with the “electric” show, because I already saw their acoustic version and it was amazing as was this one). I was kind of speechless during the show.. it was pure madness; I really like the voice and also the way he acts; he really feels the music and that, in my eyes, means dedication for the whole musician job. From the bottom of my heart, I must say that they were my favorite band of the evening.

Axez – theese teenagers who kicked ass again ! I can’t even find my words to describe such a young band with an imense energy and attitude on stage ! I wish them all the best because they deserve it.

For the Wicked – In case you don’t think Romanians are making nice music, try to listen to this band. If you’re a fan (or not) of the genre you simply cannot stay there without moving, jumping or headbanging.

Day 2:

Scars of a story– A story which might tell you that two voices can be perfect together on stage, without sounding like chaos.

Killer Victim might not be as “cool” as you expect them to be, but they definitely had a better voice and sound compared to the records.

Expectations were one of those who were my favorite for the 2nd day of the festival. First time listening to them(no Youtube play at home), but I really enjoyed their show. Catchy riffs and a very good voice, since you’ve all noticed that I do pay attention to the voice a lot.


If I am not mistaken, this band came in Romania for the first time…NESSERIA‘s sound brilliantly evolves by putting an emphasis on their more emotional, atmospheric side, without ever giving an inch on their abrasive tendencies. They remind me here and there of an Alcest atmosphere. You should definitely follow their activity, it is worth it!

The Dignity Complexone of those Romanian bands which needs to be known better. I really enjoyed their performance and I hope to hear from them soon.


Visions of Madness– Hey, hey is the “madness” getting better and better ? Because it’s definitely better than the last time I saw them live!

Due to unexpected issued Primitive Man and 16 had to cancel their performances and the last day of the festival was free entrance.

Ropeburn were clearly my favorite band for the night. On my “must see” list for a long now, this was the perfect occasion to see them. Very good show and the voice, obviously, was in a very good shape. I really loved it!

Because this was a kind of “support your local bands night”, the next band on stage was from Iasi/Vaslui and it’s pretty impossible not to know them: Innergrave. Pure craziness on stage and the public actually enjoyed it to the last moment. It was the 2nd time I saw them live and I have the same question: “to break or not to break ya’ neck?” If you didn’t catch them on stage until now, it’s about time you do!


Thanks to HC/RO and 7inc for making this event possible, to Quantic for the open space & of course to all the bands involved! Se you next year with Plebeian Grandstand & Clitgore.




If you didn’t catch all the bands from the festival it’s a must to check their stuff:

Never going home Bandcamp

First Divison Bandcamp 


Axez Bandcamp 

For The Wicked Bandcamp


Take No More  Bandcamp

Divided By Perception Soundcloud

King of Sorrow Bandcamp

-Scars of a Story Bandcamp

Ropeburn Bandcamp

Expectations Bandcamp

I Stared into The Forest Bandcamp


The Dignity Complex Bandcamp

Apa Simbetii Bandcamp

Visions of Madness Bandcamp

Walk the Abyss Bandcamp

Killer Victim Bandcamp

16 Bandcamp

Innergrave Soundcloud

Primitive Man Bandcamp

VVVLV Bandcamp


Until next time !


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