New album Chaos Invocation-“Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond”

"Calling From Dudail" hails from Chaos Invocation's third album, Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond, set for international release on March 10th via W.T.C. Productions.

World Terror Committee Productions is proud to present Chaos Invocation‘s highly anticipated third album, Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond.

By now a pillar of Germany’s long-potent black metal underground, Chaos Invocation go from strength to strength on “Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond”. Still possessing the heaving muscularity which marked 2013’s critically acclaimed “Black Mirror Hours”, the band now take their sinuous and serpentine black metal down more dynamic corridors – and ones startlingly melodic, too, all without losing the grit ‘n’ grime so central to their aesthetic. As such, Reaping Season, Bloodshed Beyond indeed reaps – a whirlwind, a vortex, both and beyond – and indeed sheds profuse blood, black and ichorous and as viscous as ever. And yet, across the album’s pendulous 53 minutes, myriad magicks are invoked which prove that pure, strident BLACK METAL can retain its soul-piercing intensity even when its borders are being boldly unbounded.

releases March 10, 2018

M. – vocals
A. – guitars, lyrics, vocals
T. – drums

Cover, back cover, and drawings by Ceethava

1. Where Hearts Shall Not Rest
2. Calling From Dudail
3. To Fathom The Bloodmist
4. MenSkinDrums Of Doom
5. Obsession Is Always The Answer
6. The Search Of Keys And Gates
7. Blackmoon Prayer
8. Luciferian Terror Chorale
9. Chaos Invocation
10. Bloodshed Beyond
11. Ajna Assassins Absolute
Guest appearances
Kraal – bass guitar on “Blackmoon Prayer” and “AAA”
Stefan H. – solo guitar on “Bloodshed Beyond” and “The Search Of Keys and Gates”
Tumulash and Omega – vocals on “Luciferian Terror Chorale”

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