Miracle Flair as opening act for Dark Tranquility

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Miracle Flair will be the opening act for Dark Tranquility. Founded in 2010, in Switzerland, Miracle Flair currently have two studio releases: “Inner Peace of Mind”, released in 2011 and “Angels Cast Shadows” released in 2016. In their 8 years of activity, they have been on stage with bands such as Eluveitie and In Extremo and also on the stages of several western festivals. With a charismatic female presents, Nicole Hartmann and guitarist Daniel Maurizi, who is a “two in one” member of the band, Miracle Flair is a band which will definitely be heard of in the future.

Miracle Flair is:

Nicole Hartmann – vocals
Daniel Maurizi – guitar
Cedric Bron – drums
Jonas Luscher – bass

Tickets can be purchased online and in the www.iabilet.ro/retea network: Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1 (next to the Metrorex ticket counter), Muzica shop, Expirat, Halele Carol (between 18 and 22 o’clock), the IQ BOX -Telekom shops, Café Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Hard Rock Café, Beraria H, the Perfect Tour agencies, the Uman shops and the ZebraPay self-service terminals (from everywhere in the country). The ticket pricing is as follows:

– Earlybird: 69 lei – for the first 100 tickets
– Presale 1: 79 de lei
– Presale 2: 89 de lei
– At the venue entrance: 100 lei

This is a METALHEAD event powered by ROCK FM

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