Interview with Fredrik Norrman

(ex Katatonia) October Tide, Thenighttimeproject

Hello Frederik and thanks a lot for accepting my invitation. It’s an honour for me. Let’s star with the beginning; you were part of many bands as: katatonia, October Tide, Fulmination and now you started a new project named THE NIGHT TIME PROJECT with Tobias Netzell(In Mourning) and Nicklas Hjertton, could you please tell me details? When can we expect the debut release?
Hi and thank you for taking your time to make this interview. Yes i started this project after i quit Katatonia. I had some unused ideas left from my time in Katatonia that didnt fit October Tide. I also felt i wanted to do something that didnt had anything to do with metal. I asked Niklas who i had been playing with earlier if he wanted to join . I did some sessionwork in his old band Mandylon. Tobias invited himself:)
8 songs have been recorded and the mix is almost finally complete. Just a few more adjustments. It will be released by a small norweigan label. More news about that soon.

Tell me about your impact on music since 80’ and the emotional touch of both music and lyrics. Each band you were a part of wears your mark. Tell me, how do you do it? Every band, every album and almost every song you were involved in so far is depressive and melancholic. Is it because your work is related to your nature or are you just channeling all the dark thoughts through the music you make and play, this being a means of escaping them?
Most songwriters/musicians got their own style and i guess i have mine;) I grew up with early Iron Maiden and Kiss and such very melodic bands. Those bands had a strong impact on me and have followed me to this day. I dont see myself as a depressed person so i’m not sure where the melancholic part of my music comes from. I’m swedish so its just probably that;) its dark here most time of the year, must be affecting us in several ways.

Now it’s around two years since Tunnel Of No Light was released… Tell me how are you satisfied with it now? Any new materials for this year or maybe next one?
I’m still satisfied with the songs, they turned out pretty much the way i wanted. Perhaps the overall sound could have been a bit better or should i say different, but its nothing that bothers me.
All songs for the next album is actually written. Just lyrics and vocal arrangements left. The songs are a bit more complex this time but still lots of leads and melodies.

October Tide had three different vocalists so far and many more other members. How do you choose the people to work with? Do you organize any auditions for that? I am asking you the same about your new project THE NIGHT TIME PROJECT.
We basically search among friends and friends friends. It worked good so far;) i sincerely hope we’ll keep this lineup now. The same for Thenighttimeproject. Searced among friends….exept for Tobias who suggested himself:) which was great cause he did an amazing job with the vocalmelodies.

It seems that your musical path is in many times crossed with your brother’s, Mattias. You’ve been together in Katatonia and now he also joined the band October Tide. Is there any special artistic chemistry between you two?
I dont know but he’s a great bassplayer and many like his playingstyle. Theres also not many bassplayers around here so it was quite natural to ask him. We also play together in Trees of Eternity

Any changes since you quit Katatonia? Good or bad. Do you miss those times?
Actually mostley positive things came out after i quit. I got alot more productive. I didnt do much in the end and i guess i suffered from writers block. All that dropped when i quit. But i do miss the guys and the touring part. Since there’s no money involved in OT theres quite difficult to go away on long tours. To come home after a month with no money is not an option. But we’ll hopefully make at least one shorter tour for the new album.

You toured and perfomed almost all over the globe. You were also in Romania, how was it?
I’ve played in Romania with both Katatonia and October tide:) had the best of times every time i played there so i most definitely wants to go back.

We have been talking only about music but what about your personal life? Do you live by music? Do you think a band could make a living by making music?
No i dont make a living out of music, not even close to. I dont think you can make much money unless you’re a huge artist or do alot of touring. Music should obvioulsy not cost anything today and its too easy not to buy cds. Like Spotify where you pay almost nothing and can listen how much you want. Ofcourse i use Spotify myself but i buy as much music i can afford. Specially vinyls these days.

Thanks a lot for your time and I hope you enjoyed answering my questions. Would you like to say something for your Romanian fans?
Bring us back to Romania!! Have a nice summer and thanx for the interview.

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