Interview with Lord Lokhraed

Nocturnal Depression

Hello! First of all I wanna say that the show from Colectiv was really amazing! It was your first time in Romania? What do you think about romanian public? about the atmosphere?
Hailz. It was our first time in Romania during this tour including Cluj Napoca day before and we really enjoy these both gigs. We got a strong link with Romania as the label who was the first to release a Nocturnal Depression album in Pro-format is based there (Sun&Moon Records). We found a reactive and participating crowd, one of the best of the tour.

You just released your new album SPLEEN BLACK METAL which is a bit different(my oppinion) from the rest of the albums. Tell me a bit about it.
Every album is different from each other in a lyrical concept or in musical feelings. With “Spleen Black Metal” we wanted to put in music some poems from French literature. With evolution of the genre including Shoegaze and Post-Rock shits, we wanted to bring back to the DSBM style with lot of tremolos and disturbing melodies. I also wanted to add extra instruments like cello for putting an accent in the melancholy of Nocturnal Depression music.

You are generally referred to as “Depressive Black Metal”. Do you think this term is suitable for your music?
We never care about a specific label about our music. I think we got this kind of genre cause of slow Black Metal touches, visuals and lyrics thematic. You can call it Depressive, Melancholic, Nostalgic or Spleen or the term you want…

Referring to your lyrics, life is painful and worthless. Tell me who is writing the lyrics?  Do you actually live your attitudes? What do you want to express with your lyrical content?
I (Lord Lokhraed) write actually lyrics and music. In Nocturnal Depression, everybody lives these attitudes and words we put in music. It would be completely false if we would not. Black Metal is lead by your devotion in this genre (maybe what it miss to several actual bands?). Members were chosen cause of their past, their sufferings and their down state of mind. All of our thoughts, feelings and experiences are found in lyrics in a melancholic way. Not a basic suicidal propaganda.

Where did the idea for Nocturnal Depression come from?why this name?
Nocturnal Depression is a contraction of a classic kind of music which is very slow and sad : “nocturne”. Depression is very simply our lyrical theme due to our negative sad feelings. It’s a name like a “cliché” for lot of people but I don’t care about their advices. It’s a name with meaning…not like some bands dealing with a topic and getting a Viking name or something else which got not link with their music.

What bands and genres inspired you when you created ND?It makes me think of Nargaroth a lot. Not especially BM, I mean all metal and non-metal arts and acts worldwide?
Such bands as Forgotten Tomb, Nargaroth, Burzum and Katatonia (“Dance of December Souls”). Also classical music that we wanted to transform the way of notes and writing into a distorted sound. We have been raised by listening to heavy metal during 80’s and get in the Black Metal thought around 1994. At same time we were (H.Suizid and I) getting music lessons and we always got in mind to create such a mix between this genre but without keyboards.

What are some of the best shows that the band has played over the years and also how would you describe your stage performance? Is it hard to be an artist despite everything you’ve encountered?
On stage, you can witness the devotion to the music of Nocturnal Depression. It’s not anymore the 4 guys you cross before gig or in the venue but 4 entities released from the disturbed part of their mind that are unleashing them on stage. Something you discover thanks to the corpse-paint and blood they wear. Some people think it would be a boring live band, very static but most of time we are more violent than lot of so-called “True” bands. I would not like to see a static band sounding like a cd… it would be better stay at home and listen to it.

Thank you a lot for doing this. Was a pleasure for me to talk to you, also to see you live on stage. Again my congratulations for such an amazing show. Hope you’ll come back soon!.In the end please tell some final words for the readers
We thank you all for your support through our music. We got a particular thought towards Romanian metalheads after the tragedy in colectiv the week after we played… We still continue to poison your minds with our tunes…

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