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Indian Fall

Hello! Neregasire, the last Indian Fall song, was recently released, how was it received by the listeners of the genre and what does it represent for you, which are the 666 thoughts?

Hello! I think it is pretty good considering that it represent a different approach of IF music as compared to the last material, Fear 4. Many were glad that we have become more lyrical, others were sad they couldn’t feel the cold from the previous album but all in all we heard good things. It represents all. Those who know how to listen will discover in it what they should and those few will discover me, or them. 666 thoughts are our daily thoughts, my repulsion to clichés and to people that are easy to be lead and lack personality, they are the words in the song, they are US.

How easy or how hard it was for you, as a non-founder member, to adapt to the IF music? How much did it or didn’t it the musical direction of the band changed since you embarked on this journey?

It wasn’t hard for the members of the band because I had previous contacts with them ever since the band begun, being their manager for some time and even going to their rehearsals at moments. It was harder to be accepted by the band’s fans that were used to Andrei as vocal. The musical direction I’d say it was radically changed because my approach is more Black Metal than before. Still, it remained that keyboard that always gave a special identity to IF music.

Tell me something about the lyrical themes you approach, I suppose the lyrics are your creation. Please develop this subject.

The lyrics are created by me and the roughly speak about daily feelings translated into metaphors. They aren’t very obvious, but are there to be understood of those who are meant for. They are mainly personal feelings inspired by nature, loved ones, circumstances and situations. It is an entire life ideology which supports my existence.

Which song defines the band and IF’s style in the best aspect of the word, why Indian Fall?

There isn’t a song to define Indian Fall. Along time the band suffered musical and line-up transformations. Maybe the most emblematical song for the public is Screaming Down from the album Season in Equilibrium, but for me they all represent stages in our life. Indian Fall, because life is a metaphor and we permanently try to find that bit of sun in the middle of the winter to give us hope to move on. This is what Indian Fall means… the day that would come full of joy and hope, but never comes.

The band’s logo in the Black Metal version brings a ying and yang, tell me where did this idea came from and what does it IF represent for you?

The logo is created by Armand Niculescu from Code Red and it represents a duality, the dark side and the light side, the man, the animal. As IF music it is a metaphor. It was created before I came in the band. To me IF represents a mean to express the emotions and situations, a possibility to set the alter ego free… it represents a beautiful part of my life.

This autumn, you are for the second time part of Unholy Trinity tour, 3 bands from Brasov with totally different musical styles. Tell me about this concept and about the tour itself. How hard it is to prepare a tour in Romania and how did the clubs from us accepted, or not, your presence in their locations?

The idea was born in 2013 when the first UTT tour happened as well, which was a success from our point of view. Being good friends with the people in the other two bands we decided to try a DIY and so UTT was born. We split the tasks, all was very well organized and put in practice, so it turned out well. We hope this year to be at least as good as in 2013. The clubs were receptive but problems always happen. For instance, there were location where we talked in spring and all seemed ok, but now when we set all up it is not possible, for various reasons. We have to recalculate and re-budget. But I believe it will all be ok.

Tell me few words about the Indian Fall members, are they part of other musical projects, what do they do besides music.

The other persons that sing in IF are normal people but with a big passion for music. They have normal jobs, except for the drummer that only sings, being one of the most well-known drummers in Romania. The guitar player Radu still sings with The Thirteen Sun, Adi – bass player in Perseverance and Fusion Core and the drummer in other about 9 bands…

If you would be asked to give up on IF for being in an big, international band, would you accept it?

If someone would propose me to give up on IF I wouldn’t, but try to collaborate without leaving this band in which I put my soul in.

Together with which bands would you like to see IF on stage?

I performed together with many small or big bands along time. I’d like to sing with Leprous, Emperor and Edge of Sanity.

In the end, please tell me about the next IF release, which includes the song we talked about at the beginning of the interview. What should we expect? Thank you for your time, the last words are yours.

IF’s new release which is work in progress at the moment is a collage of songs made of thoughts and feelings based on inner themes, a never-ending quest of man, a journey through ideas and feelings. They are separate songs but harmonious, composed in a period of 4 years. I think Neregăsire is the “softest”. Part of them we performed live before and we will sing them in the upcoming tour titled Unholy Trinity Tour. It will be a Melodic Black Metal material and we hope to be what people that appreciate us expected. We are not a very prolific band when it comes to albums and concerts, but our music is filled with nostalgia, illusions and hopes. Ska!

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