Interview with Sad Sir from End Of Green

Reposted from the webzine I worked for at that time. September 26th, 2015

With about 23 years of being part of the metal scene, they became known by appearances with famous artists such as Paradise Lost, Iggy Pop and In Extremo. Their style can be settled between gothic rock, alternative and doom metal, but the group itself call it “Depressed Subcore”.I talked a bit with Sad Sir( Guitars)

Hello! thank you for making time for my questions. You are on the metal scene from 23 years by far… how did you make it? Tell me a bit about how it all began?
Like almost every band on this planet end of green started out in a stinky basement trying hard to come up with good songs. That’s basically how it still is, just the basement seems a little bigger. We never thought about a business plan, we still just want to write songs and when we think they’re good, we want to share them – playing live or recording them in a studio.

Why „end of green”? Why this name? To be honest,’Infinity’is the best for me among other End of Green arts,according to you;what has changed in the band since this legendary release
In german language “green” symbolizes “hope”. Were balancing on the end of that scale – but, don’t get me wrong here. It means there’s still hope. At Least most of the times. The minute you’re run over by a big truck – there probably isn’t.
I guess we changed or – let’s say – grew in a natural way, which I consider a good thing. It can’t be to good if you’re at war with the exact same issues you were twenty years ago. Oh, we had one change done on purpose: myself. I joined after the second record in 1998. Which still makes me “the new guy”. Kind of odd, especially after so many years.

Now it has been around two years since THE PAINSTREAM was released… Please tell me how much you are satisfied with it now. Is there any new material in store for this year or maybe for the next one?
Any song, any record – there’s always something you’d do different now. Probably that’s the magic of records – they capture the time in which they were made. In that case I enjoy “The Painstream” a lot.
Right now we’re writing new songs and like we always do: when we think they’re fit to go, we’ll record them and release a new record. Though it’s strange these days. I guess it was two weeks after the release of “The Painstream” somebody asked, when the next record will come out.

Such deep lyrics. Who is in charge to write them? What is the source of inspiration?
Thank You. Most of the lyrics are done by Michelle – with additional help of Kerker and myself. I guess our lyrics are inspired by everyday life. Sometimes people bitch at us we’d write about too personal issues, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. We write about the stuff that happens when Zeitgeist, International Crisis and Bulshit hit your breakfast table. But let’s not forget: it’s a luxury to have a breakfast table at all.

Are you content with your current label?(Last time I think it was Silverdust)
Not at all! Silverdust isn’t active since a couple of years now. When Achim & the unforgettable T. closed Silverdust, they hooked us up with Napalm Records, which is who we are signed to now. I guess they’re good, hardworking people – it’s a good place to be.

Did the members of End of Green have any side project?moreover,do you think that is it a good thing for a musician to take part in other side projects aswell?
Michelle is part of a band called ANDY DEATH, Hampez is doing some solo stuff with RSDH and Lusiffer used to drum for the german Doom-Legends MIRROR OF DECEPTION. I think it’s probably a good thing to expand horizons. Though one of the really good things about end of green is: there are almost no boundaries musically. We can come up with whatever we feel good with – it’s our band, we decide.

Most probably are a lot of fans here in Romania and I’m sure they are waiting for their favourite band to come over for a gig. Are there any plans for a concert in Romania ?
Right now there are unfortunately no plans for coming to Romania. But it’s not our fault, I might add. Please feel free to ask your local promotors if they like our music. If they do. Please ask them to book us. That’s just as simple as it is.

Million tnx for doing this! You have something to add in the end? Some words for the fans all over.
Well, there’s just one thing to say: thank you for your interest in our music. Oh, and: stop racism. It has been the worst idea of humanity for ages. It’s time to skip that shit.

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