Interview with HERESY

Republished from the webzine I worked for at that time. October 5th 2015

Hello Jos! Thank you for making time to answer my questions. Soon you’ll begin the tour again. How it feels? You’ll conquer the Europe again.
Hi Miruna, first of all, thank you for your time, hope your doing amazingly good. We started our second European tour yesterday Friday, October 2nd in Dresden, Germany, playing together with awesome bands at the Skullcrusher Metal Festival, and yes… it was over the top! We have an amazing show planned to constantly change during the 40+ dates we have for this Tour, we will deliver everything we have, with full force, taking every moshpit to the maximum, we are more than ready and fully motivated!

Such a good band from far away, from Costa Rica. I developed a habit to ask bands from where it began? why did you choose this name HERESY? Do the members from Heresy activate in other bands too?
Basically we were born as Heretics! For Kev, Blop and I this is the only real band we have participated in. Our drummer Dennis prior to Heresy played on a project call „Forever Lost” and exited that band a couple of years ago to dedicate every drop of sweet to Heresy.
The name Heresy comes from the roots of an oppressive society, regardless of your country, politics or believes, we as individuals tend to have the need to be a part of something, even if we don’t fit there, fortunately not everybody follows that path and because of this, the same society who drains our dreams and will to live in doubt, constantly learning and growing, label us as Heretics, the forgotten lambs, the black sheep’s, the unwanted sons of a decaying world. Heresy is everything we stand for, we believe in ourselves, in you, in the brotherhood who discharge the immersive oppression they live in as soon as they hear the potency of a scream, the roar of the strings, the dept of the drums. We are all Heretics for somebody else, even sometimes for ourselves.

How is this band bound to Romania? You like it here? What do you think about romanians?You’ll return in my country next month
I just want to give you and honest answer, Rumania stoled our hearts! We as Costaricans are very well known to be a calm, peaceful society, we don’t even have an army (which I am really proud of this) but like in every country we have our flaws too. I would like to make clear the fact that we absolutely love our country and the people who lives there and believe or not the month we spend in Romania last year was like being at home, everybody was more than nice with us, the places, every single one of them where magical and absolutely beautiful, together with the people and of course the beautiful individuals we meet. We are looking forward tho see your lovely land again, and again, and again…

How things have changed since 2011 when you founded the band until now? What do you think about the metal scene now in 2015 comparing to 90’s?
We have grown together both as individuals and performers a lot! We love what we do and we delivered every single time to our full capacity! Regarding the Metal scene I have no complains, the fact of being from a very, very distant land and being able to play all over the world, meeting passionate people and inspiring them to have an amazing time with us and inviting them to forget the dull world we all live in for a while is a dream come true. Metal for younger bands like Heresy is growing thanks to the social media and streaming services, but honestly I have no point of reference with the 90’s because of my age, I’m 26 years old and I have almost no memories from that decade, I do know Metal expanded but became a very underground almost „diying” genera, not anymore.

Why did you choose to play metal? Are a lot of other genres
Metal encapsulates a wide and vivid set of both dark and empowering emotions, metal has a life on his own, it can take you from an apocalyptic fight with a 4 headed beast to a decaying post war world filled with hope and yes, destruction. Only Metal is capable of transmitting this emotions to our imagination, sometimes even instrumentally, orchestrated or even acoustically! Metal is everything.

We have been talking only about music but what about your personal life? Do you live by music? Do you think a band could make a living by making music?
A well know touring band can make it, its hard of course but it’s doable and as long as it remains doable anybody can roll the dice. We all work in different areas of bussiness and have different careers, but at the end we just want to play everywhere, inspire new people and devote our selfs to music, our trully savior.

Tell me about your album WORLDWIDE INQUISITION . Who wrote the lyrics, and who was responsible for most of the instrumental part?
We all provide ideas for the songs we create, normally I propose the main idea and everybody adds their personal touch, for most of the songs, concepts and lyrics I tend to be the one creating them but without my bros it just couldn’t work, this is a family and as long as we believe in what we do and create, Heresy will remain as strong and constantly growing as it has always being.

Are you happy about your label Axa Valaha?
We are basically starting our relationship with Axa Valaha and we cannot thank them enough on how far they have raised the bar, Mihai Coro strives always for the best and we know how demanding this can be, but without the right management your effort can become null, fortunately we all feel amazing with Axa and we are looking forward to keep on touring the World with them.

Thank you a lot for doing this! was a pleasure for me to talk to you. Would you like to add something in the end?
Thank you again Miruna for this opportunity, on behalf of Heresy we just can’t wait for „The European Trials Tour” to continue, please come and check us out, we will tour for 6 weeks over 14 countries and all of you are welcome, see you all soon. Burn!

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