SAMMATH first time in Romania, at Fabrica

Thursday, 12th of DECEMBER

When you sell your soul to the underground, you do it for life. Dutch band Sammath has released albums, through the inspiration and hard work of Jan Kruitwagen, at the cover of subteranean darkness since 1994 carefully building up a tiranical persona, crafting a more and more devastating arsenal. The elegance and savagery of the first LP Strijd was starting to look like a refined piece by the time Triumph in Hatred came out, and this being after the Verwoesting/Devastation and Dodengang, albums that brought in new approaches and a martial attitude from the more recent kind. Among those that brought Sammath their talent one should name: Magnus Agliareth ( guitars), Ruud Nillesen (bass), Wim van der Valk (drums). Throughout the machine gun killing and the attempt to simply blow up everything resembling hope, peace and confort, the fragments and phrases of melody rise up solemn, cold and leveling any personal world-view. War kills your feelings and individualism and death laughs with every bullet. That’s how Sammath sounds.

Not only this but the brand new Across the Rhine is only Death LP comes so strong after the savagery of GODLESS ARROGANCE, promising the expulsion of all religious feelings to enthrone again the raw nihilism of war!


DEATHRATTLE (Thrash metal – Bucharest)

has been practicing for a few years their thrash style executed with passion and studied with patience, with immediate efficiency, that transposed us back in the spectacular period of the 80’s with ingredients from Megadeth, Metallica or Testament! (Minutes Before Death 2015 –
Any metalfan will recognize the attitude of worship towards the style and devotion in assimilating the lessons of the golden years and will appreciate in Minutes before Death the value of emulation and the pleasure of no remorse
headbanging ! The second material, Power Corrupts is full of cool riffs and a modern groove
(… have 30 years passed? since it was introduced among the style’s basic elements?) in the 80ist vision, which shakes hands with a more pronounced melodic intention. The effect of modernization is thus updated, the lessons being made also into the effect of expression, but also as sources of influence, the moments are more prepared and
carefully organised!

DOWNFALL (Black metal – Bucharest)

Downfall is a Bucharest band that started in December 2016 and was cataloged as approaching the raw black metal genre. The combination of original music and nihilistic themes make the audience experience unique. From the first year of activity the Downfall band has managed to perform alongside established groups of the genre and not only such as: Rotting Christ, Bathuska, Negura Bunget, The Ruins of Beverast, Bucovina, Dor de Duh and many others. Downfall component: Strigoiul Mortii – guitar and vocals, Wrath – bass guitar, Dementor – drums


Club FABRICA (Str. 11 iunie, Nr.50, Bucuresti).

Thursday, 12th of DECEMBER, 19:00 (metalheads acces).

A night of disciplin: SAMMATH

19.00 – Open Doors
20.00 – 21.00: Deathrattle
21:00 – 22:00: Downfall
22:00 – 23:00: Sammath

Entrance: 25 lei

Photos and filming are encouraged. No outside food + drinks. CD and merch for sale.

An event by This You Can Trust & Metal Bands Promotion

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