Avulsed – Gore Over Romania 2020

Avulsed - Gore Over Romania 2020

Avulsed Official, the legendary Death Metal squadron will return to Bucharest on six March 2020, in Quantic Club, after their highly acclaimed appearance on the stage of November to Dismember Metal Fest five years ago! Horns up for Dave Rotten & co!

AVULSED is without any doubt the most veteran and constant band in the Spanish extreme Metal scene since its inception in August ’91. Being the most active band in terms of releases (despite not being a very prolific band) and live performances around the world and never even taking a small break ever since always being loyal to their Death Metal style.

The band has been developing its musical style through various demos (“Embalmed in Blood”-’92, “Deformed Beyond Belief”-’93 and “Promo’95”) a 7″EP (“Carnivoracity”-’94) which was later re-released as a mini CD (“Carnivoracity”) until they recorded their debut album (“Eminence in Putrescence”-’96) through Repulse Rec. where the band showed its pure Death Metal sound mixing up both heavy & brutal riffs with melodic parts being the very first Spanish extreme Metal (Death, Black, Grind…) band to get a deal with not only one, but two foreign labels in the year ’93 for the release of their 7″EP and split 12″LP that were released in ’94.

by Axa Valaha Productions & Under the Flag
tickets: iabilet.ro soon!

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