Mirthless released their latest LP “Threads of Desire”

Depressive Doom Black Metal from Romania

The Romanian depressive doom black metal band “Mirthless” have released their latest LP titled “Threads of Desire” on the 19th of February, 2019.

Mirthless was formed in 1998, having initially played acoustic compositions – a mix between acoustic and electric guitars, and some vocals here and there. A huge part of these compositions later became part of the albums that were released in the following years:

2001 – Without Suffering (EP)

2003 – Without Pain (EP)

2004 – Without End (EP)

In 2017, together with Seer (on guitar), work begins on the new album. This time, the music contains doom black guitar riffs accompanied by heavy and agonizing vocals. Kroll records the drums for the tracks in early 2018; bass guitar is recorded by Flavius (Misaras) are recorded at the end of the same year.

Band members:

Sir. Wagner – guitars and vocals

Seer – guitars

Kroll – drums

Flavius – bass

On the 14th of February, 2019 the band releases “Threads of Desire”, a black doom metal album with post-rock influences. The LP has been mixed and mastered by Andrei Jumuga at Consonance Studio and the artwork has been done by Mihai Manescu.

Track list:

  1. Ceaseless
  2. Burning the Ground
  3. Threads of Desire
  4. Frénésie Acoustique
  5. Drifted in Silence
  6. Infamous blood

You can listen to the LP on the band’s official Bandcamp page here.

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