Spiritual Ravishment release official track for “Harbinger”

Grindcore Death Metal from Romania

Spiritual Ravishment has released their second single off of the upcoming album titled “Exit Humanity”. A release date for the studio material is still pending.

Spiritual Ravishment is a grindcore death metal band from Oradea, Romania. The band’s first full length release was the album titled “Children of the Atom” in 2010. Their lyrical influences are Post-Apocalyptic events, Nuclear War and Anomalies.

Band members:

Sebastian Stancu – vocals

Andrei Bejusca – guitars and bass guitar

Andrei Jumuga – drums

The upcoming album titled “Exit Humanity” was recorded in 2015 at Postanalog Studio in Oradea by Marcel Florut and Consonance Studio in Timisoara by Cristian “Jimmy” Popescu and Edmond Karban. It was mixed by Tudor Scanteie and Andrei Jumuga and mastered by Marius Costache. The studio release will contain 12 tracks.

The first single off of “Exit Humanity”, titled “Grindimus Prime” has been shot and edited by Marmo in 2016. You can check it out here.

The official track for the second single, titled “Harbinger” can be viewed on the band’s official Youtube channel.

Photo by: Marmo

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