Septicflesh, Krisiun, Diabolical & Science of Disorder-concert review

Quantic pub was once again the host of this amazing night. Most concerts from Bucharest take place in this pub. The concert area is specially designed for live music....

Quantic pub was once again the host of this amazing night. Most concerts from Bucharest take place in this pub. The concert area is specially designed for live music. The host of this amazing event was Maximun rock. Maximun rock team is known worldwide for the annual festival with the same name and for hosting concerts with artists from different genres. The concerts brought 4 bands on stage, Science of Disorder, Diabolical, Krisiun and the one and only Septicflesh.

Science of Disorder-: I will always have a big respect for the first band of the night. The first act always has the struggle and the responsibility to help the public escape from the problems at work, home. They must set the mood, make people escape in the beauty of metal music and forget for a couple of hours about the busy aspect of life. At first I was a bit confused about what this band is doing on the stage and my hateful self was convinced that I will not like it, boy was I wrong. The band seem to be a bit too soft for what was going to hit the stage next, but they have their hidden crazy breakdowns combine with sweet thrilling soft songs. The band members at first glaze seem to be from different bands or different genres, but somehow manage to work perfectly together.  It will be hard to define them in a genre, but this is really a type a music that can easily find a fan based. The songs are short and just the amount of simple, but not reaching the full repetitive stage. This band is a perfect opening act for anything, for anyone. They have the simply beauty of transporting you in a quiet place, a place where only music exists. The band members interact with the public without speaking too much. Their expressive faces manage to enforce every beat, every note into your soul. A really lovely show.

Diabolical-  “We are diabolical!” I don’t know about that, but the band really fits its name. A Death/Black metal band with just the amount of soft vocals and demonic appearance. I am normally not a bit fan of capes and face paint, since it’s been done so much it’s starting to reach a point of a  ridiculous state, but they are well balance and nothing seam too much. The lights  are a big element in the bands show, combining darkness with light, just as the growling vocals mixing with soft spots and sweet vocals. I am a big black metal consumer and I usually have a hard time digesting clean vocals but I love this band.  They manage to keep an extreme metal taste while adding an atmospheric vibe to it. The distorted parts, classical found in black metal, keep the same mesmerizing effect making you  want to headbang as much as you can. This is the kind of band that glows energy and passion, they are really meant to concur the stage. If you didn’t get the chance to see them live by now, you should!

Septicflesh- “Romania, I am going to count to 3 and we will destroy!” Not the first time I have heard this sentence and I hope it will not be the last time. Septicflesh is one of the most rising bands of the past years. They have quietly raised an army of fans by singing of ancient gods. Any band can write a song about an old god, but no band can deliver the power and intensity of  that god like Septic. Their live show is all about energy of making the public go wild and then to calm the storm down and make them sing along. I have loved this band since I was 17 years old, since then I got to see them live on my highest and lowest moments in life, yet they always made me feel the same during their concert. They have a strange way of making you forget who you are and how life is treating you. For the entire show you are the gods and you are immortal and unbreakable. The concert was a mix of old and new songs, exactly what the public normally asks for.  Portrait of a Headless Man was the first song, everybody was singing along with the band. We also had The Vampire from Nazareth, Martyr and we were tricked in thinking the following god it will be Anubis but Prometheus was first. Communion and  Pyramid God are the songs that make the public go wild, moshing like crazy. “This song is about a god-it’s called-Anubis-Anubis” This song is the recipe of disaster. Craziest wall of death started on this song, only for everybody to stop from the violent and sing along . This bands is always interacting with the public and promoting that everybody should sing, headbang, mosh or whatever.   You cannot just sit aside and watch, you have to be a part of it somehow. The concert ended with Dark Art because we are all artists and we should celebrate that. I have never been so happy to get up in the morning fucking tired as hell. Going to my regular job, the intensity of  the previous night stated with me, more powerful than coffee. What an amazing night, still want to see Septic again, after every concert all I can think is, please come back soon!

Photos by Gheorghe Paraschiv

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  • Andreea
    2 April 2019 at 7:20 pm
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    What about Krisiun?

    • Raluca Teiuseanu
      3 April 2019 at 5:51 pm
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      Hello, they are really not my kind of music…I respect every band for their hard work and it wouldn’t have been fair for me to review a band I can’t truly appreciate.
      Thank you for the comment.

  • Anghelescu Florin
    2 April 2019 at 7:58 pm
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    Vad ca nu ai discutat despre Krisiun, dar in rest sunt de acord, SepticFlesh au rupt, nu pe cat ma asteptam, dar m-am bucurat sa-i revad dupa atata timp, mi-as fi dorit si un Dante’s Inferno, dar a fost chiar ok, am facut headbang pana m-am rupt, n-am intrat in mosh-uri pt ca voiam sa sorb cat mai mult din concert si atmosfera a fost extrema (de buna)!!
    Abia astept sa revina zeii in Bucuresti.

    • Raluca Teiuseanu
      3 April 2019 at 5:47 pm
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      Buna, am mai explicat de ce nu am zis nimic de Krisiun. Nu sunt genul meu deci automat nu as avea cum sa spun nimic critic constructiv despre ei. Mersi, ne bucuram ca te-ai distrat. Intr-adevar si eu astept urmatorul concert Septic.:)

    2 April 2019 at 10:48 pm
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    And this is that kind of a review from which you find out more about the author’s life and frustrations than you find out about the bands or the event. Another one for this site despite site’s good potential.
    It would be nice to write it in Word before publishing it, as Word has that wonderful feature called spellchecker.(share this info with the other authors also, please)
    Also, there was nothing about Septic missing almost all clean vocals.
    Another one… In a review you just shouldn’t say something like >not a bit fan of capes and face paint because they are ridiculous, but these guys are ok< (wink wink)
    And nobody cares about you having a regular job… all jobs are regular after some time doing it.
    Please read more reviews from big guys like Metal Hammer, Loudwire or Kerrang!. Study a little bit how those guys manage to write good stuff. Journalism courses would also help a lot! All things can be learned and it is never too late.
    Raluca, you are passionate metal fan and I understand you want to have a touch on this world, and you will get there if you see this comment in a constructive way.
    Definitely nothing personal…

    • Raluca Teiuseanu
      3 April 2019 at 5:45 pm
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      Hello, thank you for taking the time to write this long replay. I do appreciate people that explain why they didn’t like a review rather than just attacking the author. I had no problem hearing the clean vocals and didn’t hear anybody else complaining about it after the concert. Every review will always have a personal opinion in it, some may be able to disguise it a little better, but I don’t feel the need to do that.
      Regarding the face paint, that was not an attack at the band, they are an example of good use of it. I am not the only one that thinks bands have been going too far with the “demonic ritual” or the way they appear on stage. I have read a lot of reviews made by the suggested pages (no matter how many you read you can’t copy someone’s style of writing ) I have a background in journalism, a bit more about my life. *Wink wink. And one last thing, the reason I insert a bit of my “frustration” or personal life in concert reviews is simple because concerts are about the feeling you get after and during the show, this being the reason why we buy tickets and see live shows. Explaining the concert vibe and atmosphere using my own self is the best way to make the public resonate with everything that happened that night. I am not writing about chemistry here, it’s all about art and how it influences us .I am not taking this personal, and like I said thank you for your comment.

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