Waste of Space Orchestra to release “Syntheosis”

Psychedelic collaboration between Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising

Waste of Space Orchestra, the name under which Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising are known, have announced the release of “Syntheosis”.

For those who do not know, Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising are two bands from Finland, the former playing psychedelic black metal and the later playing psychedelic drone sludge doom metal. The two bands have joined forces for the first time in 2018, which led to plans being set in motion that will be unfolded on the 5th of April with the release of “Syntheosis” and will be released through Svart Records.

Waste of Space Orchestra consists of:

Vesa Ajomo – voice of the shaman, guitar

Toni Hietamäki – bass guitar

Niko Lehdontie – guitar, effects

Ville Leppilahti – keyboards, effects

Marko Neuman – voice of the possessor

Jukka Rämänen – drums

Petri Rämänen – deep bass guitar

Jussi Saarivuori – electronics

Jarkko Salo – drums

Juho Vanhanen – voice of the seeker, guitar

Quote about the album from the band:

“”Finally, after countless hours of distillation,” broadcast the band themselves, “the Syntheosis is released from our hands to the world. Let this album be our manifest as it stems from the core of our art. From collaboration, this evolved to an entity that represents our sonic unity as a collective. Syntheosis is elements colliding, melting together and mutating to a singular new existence.”


  1. Void Monolith
  2. The Shamanic Vision
  3. Seeker’s Reflection
  4. Journey To The Center Of Mass
  5. Wake Up The Possessor
  6. Infinite Gate Opening
  7. Vacuum Head
  8. The Universal Eye
  9. Syntheosis

You can pre-order the album via the label’s official site here.

You can also listen to “Seeker’s Reflection”, a single off of the album, on the label’s official Youtube page:


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