600000 Mountains released their debut EP “Mr. Sartorius”

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The stoners from Catania, 600000 Mountains, have released their debut EP on the 19th of January, entitled “Mr. Sartorius”.

The band formed in 2017 in Catania, Italy. Through their own words, they are creating their music deep in the dark heart of Mount Etna, only surrounded by bare rocks and howling silence. The guys from 600000 Mountains play a combination of stoner metal with psychedelic math rock.

Quote from the band regarding the EP: “Mister Sartorius is born from the desire to mix our different musical pasts into a common denominator and from the will to overcome our limits. We wanted to realize a record having clear references – those of stoner and psych-rock – but at the same time speaking about us, giving voice to personal perspectives.”

The band members are:

Simone Pellegriti  –  guitar
Giorgio Rosalia – drums
Guido Testa – bass guitar

The EP contains 3 tracks and was written and arranged by the band. Recording, mixing and mastering have been done by Fabio Trombetta. The artwork for the cover of the EP has been done by Guido Testa.

1. Take Care and Survive
2. Omelette Man
3. Horse Suplex

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