Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows- Death and Flamingos

~darkwave from Germany~

The famous darkwave musical project Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, has released a new studio material entitled “Death & Flamingos”, on the 8th of February 2019.

Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows was founded in 1989 by Anne-Varney Cantodea in Frankfurt, Germany. As mentioned above, the project is a darkwave one, but also includes a number of different styles such as neoclassical darkwave, dark folk, neo-medieval and as of late deathrock.

“Death & Flamingos” is the 14th album to be released by Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, and is her first deathrock album. It has been recorded in August, 2018 at Patrick Damiani’s studio in Karlsdorf, Germany.


A1           Side A   0:27

A2           Kinder Des Teufels          3:30

A3           Spell Bound        3:11

A4           The Boy Must Die            5:08

A5           Mephistophilia  4:38

A6           Gone     3:32

B1           Side B    0:27

B2           Coffin Break       3:42

B3           Vor Dem Tode Träumen Wir       4:29

B4           Death Waltz       3:21

B5           Charnel House  3:46

B6           Mors Ultima Ratio…        3:12

B7           (Theme From Death & Flamingos)

You can listen to the album on Youtube or full on Bandcamp .

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