Final Step Productions brings you Encore Metal Festival!

18th of May

The Encore Metal Festival will open its gates on Saturday, the 18th of May. Two exceptional days await you alongside many local and international bands. The festival will take place at Club Quantic and is promoted by Encore Club.

Five international bands have already been confirmed for the festival: Harakiri for the Sky, Lucifer’s Child, Fallcie, Magnetic and Melancholy.

Harakiri for the Sky are a post black metal band from Austria who are returning to Romania for the … The band formed back in 2011 by M.S. (Matthias Sollak) and J.J. (Michael V. Wahntraum). They started off their musical path with the self-entitled album „Harakiri for the Sky” in 2012, culminating with their latest release in 2018 entitled „Arson”.

Lucifer’s Child are a progressive black metal band from Greece founded in 2013 by George Emmanuel of Rotting Christ and Stathis Ridis of Nightfall. Their show at Encore Metal Festival will be their first time coming to Romania.


The female fronted metal band Fallcia hail from Russia and were formed in 2017.

It is composed of:

Valentina Lavrinenko – vocals

Alexander Korsak – guitars

Dmitri Chernykh – bass

Nikolai Kondratiev – drums


So far, they have released a single entitled Rock’n’Rolla (2017) and an EP entitled The Outer Space (2018).


Magnetic, from Bulgaria, are a crossover nu metal band returning to Romania for the second time in two years. They have had a series of four concerts in our country last year, series in which they visited Timisoara, Bucharest, Cluj and Sibiu.


Melancholy, from Russia, are probably the oldest band to take part in the festival, being formed back in 1998. They play a progressive fusion style of metal. During their two decades of activity, they have released eleven full lenght albums, of which the last one was released in 2017 and is entitled „Beastlake”.


Tickets can be purchased via :


Two-day tickets:

  • The first 50 tickets can be purchased at the price of 80 lei
  • Starting with the 17th of May, the price of the tickets will be 100 lei
  • On the day of the festival, tickets can be purchased for 120 lei


One-day tickets:

  • Until the 17th of May, tickets can be purchased for 60 lei
  • On the day of the festival tickets can be purchased for 70 lei



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