New confirmation for Rockstadt Extreme Fest: SOILWORK

1-4th of August 2019

The history of the well-known death metal band Soilwork begins in 1995 in Sweden under the name “Inferior Breed”. If the influences of Pantera, Meshuggah or Carcass could be recognized in the beginning, the band moved slightly towards the melodic death zone, including their melodious vocal passages and unique instrumental parts played on the piano. After a rapid growth on the local scene, the album “A Predator’s Portrait” (2001) brought them international recognition. The material was followed only one year away from “Natural Born Chaos” (completed by a European tour alongside Children of Bodom and Shadows Fall) and the “Figure Number Five” album (2003), which offered a new tour In Flames, Chimaira and Unearth.

In 2005 “Stabbing The Drama” was next which ranked the 14th place in the Swedish charts, in the Finnish ones on the 19th place and kept on position 148 on the Billboard Charts for several weeks. Creative effervescence continued with “Sworn To A Great Divide,” two years away, an album with a sound closer to the thrash than previous works, but still marked by the presence of the synth elements characteristic of the band. The launch was complemented by promotion tours along with Caliban, Sonic Syndicate and Dark Tranquility and then a US tour with co-headliners such as Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage and DevilDriver.

In 2010, the band returned in the studio to work on a new album that appeared on the market in July, the same year as “The Panic Broadcast,” followed by a new tour of force in Europe and North America. Only three years away, Soilwork caught the international musical scene with a double album titled “The Living Infinite,” produced by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth).

In spite of the long and tiring tournaments they participated in the next few years, Soilwork maintained its creative energy so in 2015 they released their tenth album “The Ride Majestic,” which was preceded by a special video, Live In The Heart Of Helsinki “, which includes the full recording of the band’s show at the Circus Club in Finland, a special show that also had some special guests, such as Floor Jansen and Nathan J. Biggs.

2016 was the occasion for another Soilwork disc, the release of a collection of rare works and rare material related to the band, collected under the name of “Death Resonance”. This includes two new tracks and other audio materials that have not seen the light of day for the past 11 years. In addition to the existence of rare works, “Death Resonance” has also made available to fans and promo materials and pictures that were not public until then. Then, until the autumn of 2017, the group dedicated itself to the touring, concluded in the Scandinavian peninsula.

Soilwork started 2018 in the studio, working on the next album and planning to amaze his fans.

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