Suffocation, Belphegor and God Dethroned in Quantic Club

Suffocation, Belphegor and God Dethroned in Quantic Club

Suffocation, Belphegor and God Dethroned will play in Quantic Club on April 23! The first 200 tickets have a special price and they can be found on In the opening will play NORDJEVEL and DARKRISE.

Suffocation is a legend of the Death Metal scene in the United States, being one of the bands that made their mark on this style, especially with the 1991 debut album, Effigy of the Forgotten. The band acted continuously for 10 years, from 1988 to ’98 when they took a break for 5 years. Since 2003, however, they have returned and since then have played at the most important festivals in Europe and the United States.

Belphegor, the Austrian band that bears the name of one of the seven princes of hell, has been working since 1991, having for two years the name of Betrayer.
Austrians are considered to be among the pioneers of the so-called Blackened Death Metal, a style that is the tangential point between Death Metal and Black Metal. The image, music and Belphegor lyrics created controversy, the most well-known indictment being in Russia when Helmuth, the band’s soloist, was attacked by an activist.

God Dethroned is a band that gave birth to extreme metal in the Netherlands. With an activity of nearly 30 years, but also with small breaks. Throughout the history of God Dethroned, the band has also experienced Black Metal, but now the greatest influences in their music come from Melodic Death Metal.
In the three decades of activity, many of the metal scene artists in the Netherlands were part of God Dethroned or collaborated with the band. Among them are Arien Van Weenebeek or Isaac Delahaye.

Nordjevel is a new name on the European Black Metal scene. The band’s foundations were made by artists who have collaborated with or are still collaborating with, important bands of the Black Metal scene such as Doedsvangr, Ragnarok, Dark Funeral, Morbid Angel or 1349. So far they have released 2 material, one album and one EP.

DarkRise comes from Switzerland and have been playing since 1998. In the 20 years of their work, they have released 5 albums and have been touring both in Europe and the United States with bands such as Obscura, Melechesh, Nile or Impaled Nazarene.


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