Dimmu Borgir for Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019!

Dimmu Borgir for Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019!

Dimmu Borgir will bring a special show for the festival which will include songs from the latest discography, “Eonian” which continued the musical journey interrupted 8 years ago after “Abrahadabr” .

“Eonian,” released last year and enthusiastically received by fans and critics, is considered by members of the band as one of the best albums. It is a record for which they have long withdrawn the desire to quietly explore the deepest depths and corners of the human soul and to work carefully on every aspect included on this album meant to defy the passage of time, to speak by sound and a word about the evolution of Dimmu Borgir and also a tribute to the history of Norwegian black metal.

At the musical level, “Eonian” is the result of a sustained effort to explore new lines of expression for the band, succeeding in bringing together some of the darker black metal passages in the band’s career (eg “Lightbringer”), with segments pushing the complexity and depth of the symphonic genre (as in the Interdimensional Summit) or exploring unexpected subgenres for Dimmu Borgir, such as the Council of Wolves and Snakes, a folk song.

The lyrical line of songs on the new album is faithful to a philosophical concept that deals with deep subjects such as “Time Illusion” and “Luciferic Codes”. For example, as Silenoz explains, “if we can get out of the paradigm of thinking with which we have been accustomed to society and if we can not think of” time “as the ideological construct through which we have been educated to interpret it then we realize that time is an illusion, in essence. There is only a permanent “here and now”, as the album title also wants to suggest. In our journey between seen and unseen worlds, the perception of time ceases to exist, no longer has any role to play. Our energy is the only force and compass that shows us the direction, after we manage to cross beyond the veil of apparent things, beyond illusion. ”

The album hides many other topics of reflection waiting to be discovered by the listeners, Dimmu Borgir’s recordings being always open to interpretations and always having a role similar to that of the obscure camera – a dark room that you come in to discover, through listening and processing in their own mind, the meaning of lyrics and musical passages, just as in the past the photographic film revealed the things caught by the apparatus, following the sinking of the film into developmental substances.

The show at Rockstadt Extreme Fest 2019 promises to be different even from the visual point of view, being directed towards “Eonian”, as they did in the past for concerts dedicated to promoting “Abrahadabr.”

Founded in 1993 in Oslo by Stian “Shagrath” Thoresen, Sven “Silenoz” Kopperud and Kenneth “Tjodalv” Åkesson, the band was quickly spotted by the bold combination of the tough sound of the traditional black metal with the complexity and subtlety of the genre symphonic. Soon after the appearance, the bold approaches and the continued desire of the still-unexplored musical paths made the name Dimmu Borgir synonymous with black metal pioneering and be recognized as the name of one of the most prolific groups of this genre. In addition, during his career, the band managed to bring to the surface materials that have become true reference points in international discography such as “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant” (1997), “Spiritual Black Dimensions” (1999) or ” Death Cult Armageddon “(2003).

As the name of the band says, Dimmu Borgir music is a gateway to other worlds, “Dimmu Borgir” from an onomine volcanic formation in Iceland (“Dimmuborgir”) considered to be the gate to Hell, according to local legends.

Last day of current presale is January 20, 2019 so grab you passes herehttps://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-rockstadt-extreme-fest-2019-…/


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