Kroda – Selbstwelt Review

Pagan Black Metal

Kroda was originally a studio project, but they started to make live performances with live musicians from the band Ruina since 2007. Selbstwelt (The Land of Selbst) is Kroda’s seventh full-length studio album and joins a discography that also includes EPs, live recordings, and compilations.

The lyrics  speak of veins pulsing with the black flame of rebellion, and the pain of broken wings; of the spirit of the forest and the Wild Hunt, greedy and savage and as cold and piercing as the moonlight or the Aurora Borealis; of grieving firmaments and air trembling with legions of winds, and of veils cut by blades of lightning. The words frequently evoke the imagery of nature and resonate in mystical tones, with shades of despair and yearning in the mix, as well as feelings of conviction and discovery.

CREDO is orchestral, ominous and dark, but there is also a mystical and ritualistic air about the music… but that’s only one aspect of what the album presents. There is also tremendous, fiery energy in these songs. The music is often bursting with near-blinding vibrancy, sometimes torrentially savage, but also soaring to great heights of magnificent grandeur.

The Ritual is dark, ominous and ever building, moving and shaking through, as if in a cacophony of rage and anger. A Long Alone is similar, moving, shimmering and grunting. Beyond The Life is dark, and terrifying, with big booming vocals, and discordant guitars.

All of the full songs are impressively multifaceted, and richly textured, and all of them are home to memorable, soul-stirring melodies. They’re also produced in a way that delivers all this penetrating emotional power with tremendous sonic force and clarity as well.

The album ends with a “bonus” — a cover of Summoning’s “Like Some Snow-White Marble Eyes” from 1999’s Stronghold. As performed by Kroda, the track fits the rest of the album beautifully, presenting a sharp contrast between the brute force of the deep memorable flute melody and the shimmering synth.

As far as pagan black metal goes, Kroda have done most, if not, everything, much like their Austrian brethren Summoning.

Current line-up

GinnungaGaldr – Vocals, Mouth Harp, Tamburine, Kangling

Olgerd – Keyboards

Sergfil – Guitar

Zymobor – Guitar

Rungvar – Drums

One of throns – Bass


Volodymyr Kotliarov – Cello

Victor Dobko – Pipe

Myrdraal Bergrizen – addional vocals at ”Like Some Snow-white Marble Eyes and music of ”Nordlandschaften”




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