Interview with Lörd Matzigkeitus

(The Black Sorcery,Thy Sepulchral Moon,The Projectionist etc)

THE BLACK SORCERY is a savage, despotic wall of bestial black/death hellfire crafted from the frozen tundra of Canada.Their vocalist Lörd Matzigkeitus, also vocalist of Thy Sepulchral Moon, The Projectionist, The L.A.R.V.A.E. Group and many more, accepted to answer some question for me.

What made you form The Black Sorcery?

LM— to take my path of extreme and violent metal in a more savage direction, to purge a hunger to make the most vicious music of my career and express the rage that boils inside me.

How did you choose your stage name? Is there any story behind it?

LM— Lord Matzigkeitus is an honoring for a fallen comrade with whom I was close before his untimely passing. Chris Matzigkeit was an extremely talented black metal vocalist/guitarist and drummer who most notably played for Inhuman and Helgrind. He died at 29 years of age whilst listening to a Peste Noire album that I had told him he ought to buy earlier that day. I wear his name as a banner that he may share in whatever infamy comes from my endeavors and to keep his memory alive.

Are you planning any gigs or maybe international tours? Or do you prefer to remain a studio band?

LM— We are gearing up for a few festivals ( Covenant in 2019, and some others) and are weighing options on some shows at the moment.

What bands you think influenced your band’s style and sound?

LM— We didn’t set out to have any influence during the writing. Disgorge, Devourment, Archgoat, Black Witchery, Mortician, Axis of Advance, Revenge and Warmarch have all been pivotal bands for many of our personal listening tastes.We don’t listen to outside influences during the crafting of material though…

If you could choose any band to play a show with, that band would it be?

LM— Mortician. In New York.

I liked the idea that you released your album only on cassette, but don’t you think you will not have great success in selling them or you don’t care about selling merchandise,CD’s,cassettes and so on?

LM— our Brazilian label, the mighty Hammer of Damnation is set to drop shirts and Cd’s of “ …And the Beast Spake Death from Above” any day now.I care to the extent that, for all our hard work and suffering towards this craft, there must be spoils of war. The albums are the trophies on my wall.

The sales were very strong for the album so far. However, at the end of it all, my only concern is being satisfied that we made the album we wanted to make.

Would you like to make a split with other band and if you want that, which would that band be and why?

LM—We are in fact, actively looking to put out a split 7”, though the right act hasn’t surfaced yet. The material is being written now and we shall see what vile beast rises to the battalion of trench warfare we assemble. If I could choose, I’d want Ritual Genocide, Archgoat or Goat Penis.

Are you more focused on The Black Sorcery or on the other bands?

LM— I have several projects I consider my main bands. Currently those being the Projectionist, The Black Sorcery and Diabolus Amator. Thy Sepulchral Moon would be included therein also, but one of the members ( in South Korea) is going through a turmoil that will see the band go on hiatus for a spell.

Any last words you would like to say to the fans?

LM— The measure of individual success and honor is inversely proportionate to the degree at which you take in the influence of others.

Hail Thyself, let all yee other lamprey rot.

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