Bison [CA] / LLNN [DK] / Ropeburn [RO]

13.05.2018|Control Club

BISON are among the old guard when it comes to sludge metal; the Canadians have resurfaced after some years with the album “You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient”, an album which is hailed amongst the best released of 2017. They have finally made their way to Europe and as a result of this, in Romania as well where they will be performing alongside LLNN and Ropeburn on the 13th of May.

Founded in 2006 in Vancouver, Canada, BISON debuted with the EP “Earthbound”. A year later the band signed with Metal Blade Records and released their first full-length album entitled “Quiet Earth”. The album received very good reviews and was gives as a good example that sometimes the name of the band matches the musical style they play: heavy riffs and rhythms that make you feel as if a herd of bison will stomp over you in any minute.

After two more albums released under Metal Blade Records, namely “Dark Ages” and “Lovelessness”, BISON stopped their collaboration with the record company and went on hiatus for a short time, resurfacing in 2017 with the album “You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient”, and are currently on a promotional tour in Europe with said album.

* LLNN *

The tour is taking place alongside the Danish band LLNN. With a post-apocalyptic sound and a combination of sludge and hardcore, LLNN deliver pressing rhythms and intense riffs, spices up with screams that make you feel like in a dark and pressing world.

* Ropeburn *

Openers for the event will be the band Ropeburn, a hardcore, and punk and sludge band from Bucharest, Romania. The band was founded on March 2014. Being the adepts of aggressive music, the band manages to musically transmit the feeling of human shallowness. Their EP entitled “Boundaries of Self-Indulgence” bring forward concepts such as control, discovery, religion, trauma and aggression.


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