Hellucination are releasing the second album

via Timetokill-Records

Time to Kill Records is proud to present the premiere of the album “Multiverse” from the italian death metallers Hellucination.

Hellucination is born in Rome in 2010. First as a quintet and then as a quartet, they immediately begin to get noticed playing with consistency on the stages of the roman underground scene, with bands as Hideous Divinity, The Modern Age Slavery, Necrosy and Amputated. In May 2011 Luca joins permanently the band as its vocalist. The five guys then start improving and revising the old material, reaching summer of 2011 when they begin recording a first EP. In the meantime the band starts getting known playing live frequently in the metal shows of the capital city. At the start of 2013 Giuliano joins the band as new vocalist, and in March the band releases their first 3-tracks EP “RUINS”. In 2014, with Giuliano and Massimiliano’s departure, Simone joins the band as new bass player and Francesco becomes the new vocalist of the band. Finally in early 2015 the band’s first full length album “KATABASIS” sees the light of day.

You can also find the album on Bandcamp platform.

Preorders here  .

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