Pyogenesis- concert review

22th of april

Sunday evening started off really calmy, with not that many people if you ask me. Pyogenesis were a pleasant surprise for me, since it was the first time I’ve seen them live and they left a very cool impression on me.

The guys were very relaxed and had a very good communication with the public, and the ambiance was a friendly one; you could also see that the guys enjoyed being there as well. The concert was for the fans and just for the fans; I’m saying this because you could see that the majority of the public knew songs that were being played.

Fade away awoke memories for the participating public in a not so large number, but as I mentioned previously, the public was a handful of people who mattered and knew all the song.

Even if not many people expected it Pyogenesis had a flexible playlist for the real fans, for friends with tracks picked together with the audience. There was a merch stand at the venue where fans could buy t-shirts and at the end of the evening the guys from the band took photos with the public and signed CD’s.

This concert has been organized by Axa Valaha, a name that is already very well known in the underground scene, known for organizing concerts with well known artists of the underground genre. It was a cool concert, with an unique vibe and a small crowd, but enough to create a special ambience during the show.

If you weren’t able to see the band in Bucharest, you still have one more chance at Rock’n’Iasi between 18-20th of May!


Until next time!

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